Tuesday, September 16, 2008


how do you get over something that's been bothering you for four years?

just a random question.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

don't play scuba with a barracuda

If you aren't listening to People in Planes, you should be. they rock my face.

other bands i'm currently rocking:
The Weepies

I've thrown things into a bit of an uproar lately. I've decided to go ahead and get this acting thing on the road, so I'm moving to Chicago. Most likely in January. It's the biggest decision I've ever made and I'm telling myself not to do it about 20 times a day. But here goes! Things have been up and down lately. Work has been not nearly as psychotic, but it IS starting to get a crazy look in its eye again, so that probably won't last. My new car is awesome! I bought a Firepepper Red 2001 Honda Accord back in april, and it pretty much is 'Teh Awesome.' Football season is upon us, so I'm now indulging in that ridiculous tradition of letting my blood pressure get up every weekend. I'm starting to realize though that a lot of my friends are going to actually be sad when I go to Chicago. I have some pretty awesome friends here, and I won't know anybody when I get there. Luckily, I am a people magnet.

Just kidding.

Oh. Why Chicago? I want to get into The Second City. It is fantastic, and the list of alumni is a veritable who's who of comedy. I'll will also try to do some theater (theatre?) there, and of course I will have to work, so things will be pretty busy for a while. Also, my brother Robert lives there, so I might have a place to live for a while, and I also have some friends-of-friends and whatnot. But mostly, because Chicago is awesome, and I want to start there before I go to LA or New York.


Top 5 Things You Would Drop Everything For
1. Become an actor
2. Travel the world (free of charge, of course)
3. Travel the world (with a band)
4. My friends and family
5. A good steak

that one is fake. this one is real...

Top 5 American Cities You Want to Visit (that you haven't already)
1. Seattle
2. San Francisco
3. Portland
4. Honolulu
5. Philadelphia

ok GO