Monday, May 28, 2007


if you only read one more book in your entire life (and you've already read the bible and whatnot), then read Blankets by Craig Thompson. it's a graphic novel, and it may move up to number two on my top 5 books list (for my top 5 books, see my myspace).

i would spend some time trying to explain to you the perfection that is 'blankets,' but i'm just gonna tell you to go read it. it's long. and great.

back soon.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007



ok continue:

Lots of stuff has been happening: digging a garden, new kitten, new dog, fire behind our house. but all i can think about right now is....


this is an open message to jeph loeb. i want to blame you. the only good comic book of yours was the first few issues of superman/batman. everything else you have done (read: Smallville, and now Heroes) has flashes of brilliance and ends up being lame. the last episode of heroes, called "How to Stop An Exploding Man," was lame, anti-climatic, and boring (and oh by the way was totally predictable). just like smallville, totally predictable. oh gosh, how can i keep an exploding person from blowing up new york. gee, why don't you take a person who flies (hmm...who could that be?) and fly him up into the air, sacrificing himself for the good of mankind? what a great idea. good grief.

to the makers of heroes, please do better next year. oh, and samurai are cool.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I can't feel my legs!

(you ain't got no legs, lieutenant dan...)

monday night i ran 1.7 miles (MOSTly ran). now it's wednesday morning, and i almost fell flat on my face when i rolled out of bed this morning. at 5:45. am. in the morning.

for those of you who don't know, i'm not a morning person. 5:45am is, like, 2:15am for me. i hate it. totally.

well, kristen was in town last week, and it was pretty much the bomb. we went to the lake with dave and virginia. we went to keffy's graduationzzzzzzzzzzz...., we ate at Calverts (total bill for 10 people: $700. and it was worth it. i had a tenderloin topped with lobster, crab, shrimp and scallops. oh yeah.), we went to atlanta to see ben gibbard and dave bazan's solo tour (dave talked to me from the stage), and then my mom came to visit me on Sunday, and we all had more massive steaks at gwen's house for lunch. all in all, it was a grande time, and i gained eleven pounds.

hence. the running.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Stupid Bank of America!!

Read this and fume along with me.

I hate banks. I hate corporate America. I hate oil companies. Somebody needs to strong-pimp-hand this entire country.


(ps - this isn't even my bank.)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

a little church

jeff played this clip in church this morning, and i wanted to share it with you. it gave me chills.

the whole speech is here.

have a very good Sunday, everybody. Monday is tomorrow.

cinco de moustache!!

back in the day, a bunch of punk and ska bands started cinco de moustache, where they all grew their moustaches until cinco de mayo. it was pretty awesome. i was gonna try it this year, but i realized how white trash and stupid and small my moustache looked and quit after a week and a half.

i will now give you the straight dope on two movies that i watched this weekend.

me, seanery, drewball, jeff, eric, blister, and clay went at midnight on thursday night to see the premiere of SPIDERMAN 3!!!! now i'm sure that you've all read the blistering reviews totally trashing the movie, but i'm here to tell's alright. the first two hours are awesome, followed by an ending that should have been named: Terms of Endearment. but whatever, it was worth it. still a great movie.

then tonight, me, seanery, drewball, and dave went to see HOT FUZZ, baby!!! from the same guys that brought you Shaun of the Dead, this movie was better than spiderman and cost a FRACTION to make (spiderman cost almost half-a-billion dollars to make...most expensive film ever). just as 'shaun' was a comedic take on all zombie movies, 'fuzz' is a VOMITOUSLY HILARIOUS take on all buddy cop movies. the whole theater was roaring during the last 30 minutes.

i say go see both. but, uh...see spiderman at a matinee or something.