Wednesday, November 26, 2008

this still makes me laugh...

45 minutes later.

Actual conversation that just happened:
Kristen: Kobayashi Maru. i've seen this in like 11 different places in the past couple weeks. weird.

Patrick: Kyriad Mariah? :)

Kristen: haha!

Patrick: do you know what the kobayashi maru is?

Kristen: isn't it the unsolvable problem or something?

Patrick: yes, from star trek.

Kristen: right. i only know that from friends

Patrick: the reason you are seeing it everywhere is because that movie is coming out next summer.

Kristen: but i'm seeing it in non-star-trek-movie related locations

Patrick: doesn't matter. the movie is making people think about it again.

Patrick: the kobayashi maru was an unsolvable problem that they gave to all cadets in Starfleet Academy. Captain Kirk actually solved it, but he cheated.

Kristen: oh snap! how'd he cheat?

Kristen: and what was the problem?

Kristen: and what was the answer?

Patrick: i don't know! i'm not a Trekkie. find some huge nerd and ask HIM.

Kristen: i think you must be a little. how'd you know all that stuff?

Patrick: well first of all, i'm not DEAD from the neck up.

Patrick: i'm a geek of sorts. see, geeks know the basic tenets of the different kinds of nerdery, but we don't actually have the knowledge to convert.