Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Words 2.0

I say 2.0 because I've done Wednesday Words before, obviously. It's the best day to do a "words" post, not just alliterationally, but because...because...I say so.

Okay, so really alliteration is the only reason that Wednesday is the best day. Sue me.

1. Hot: It just got hot here. Today. June 12. In Augusta. Usually by now, it's been hot for at least two months. We've had warm days, sure. But today, when you walk outside, you get punched in the junk with heat. Welcome back, jerk. I hate you. Bring on the cold weather again!
2. Home Group: Different churches call them different things. Our church also calls them Kinship groups, but they can be called D-groups, cell groups, bibles studies, whatever. But anyway, they are the lifeblood of our church, we always say. And it's true. I've made lifelong friends in my home groups in the last 11 years, people who are now spread out all over the world. The one I'm in now I lead with a couple of those lifelong friends, and in a month we'll be splitting this group into two because of how big it's gotten, and I'll be leading a group on my own for the first time. This is frightening to me. I mean, I've already been leading the worship team for two years, but this feels different. It's very easy to all-of-the-sudden look at my life and say, "Me? Who am I to lead a group of people in anything? I suck!" But it's going to be fun and I'm looking forward to the challenge.
3. Monies: I hate money. Seriously. It's been rough. I have two jobs, one at the church and one at the hospital, but I just make enough to get by. I've been applying for more X-ray work, but every time I feel like the Lord is lining something up for me, it crumbles. I just try to be thankful and trusting, but SRSLY! Come on, Lord! I have some interviews coming up soon, so pray or think about me or whatever you do, friends.
4. Scrabble: On a lighter note, I've been playing Scrabble a lot lately. There's finally a good Scrabble app for iPhone, and I've been playing my nemesis, Jeff. Scrabble is 10 times better than Words With Friends, so all you guys get on it!
5. Top 5: I recently made an adjustment to my all-time, top 5 movies list. This is a huge thing for me. You may recall, dear reader, that this blog was, in fact, originally titled Top 5, an homage to my favorite movie of all time, High Fidelity. ("Rob? Top five musical crimes perpetrated by Stevie Wonder in the 80's and 90's: GO. SUB-question: Is it fair to punish a formerly-great artist for his latter-day sins? Is it better to burn out than to fade away??") So anyway, former top 5 list was, in 1-5 order, High Fidelity, Top Gun, With Honors, So I Married an Axe Murderer, and Reality Bites. After reading about Ethan Hawke recently, I realized that, while I do love that movie, there are better, more befitting movies that could sit in the coveted #5 spot. And in the last week it hit me. A movie that I've talked about on this blog, that has gotten me through hard times, has an unbelievable 1-2 punch cast, and was, unbelievably, one of JJ Abrams' first masterpieces (writer). I refer to, of course, Regarding Henry (careful, that link has bite). Farewell, Reality Bites. I will always be a fan of Hey, That's My Bike, and you have one of the best soundtracks of all time.
6. Eighty: I've been listening to 80's music a lot lately. Right now, in fact. It's the best decade.
7. Yoga: So I started doing DDP Yoga. Watch this inspirational video to see why! After three weeks, I must say, it's been amazing. What an incredible workout. It kills me, and I feel amazing afterwards. I'm just getting started, but I love it already and I'm already trying to figure out my schedule to do yoga AND get back into running. Go healthy!!
8. Apartment: I've been apartment hunting for my girlfriend! I know, right? Victorie is in OT school in Birmingham, and is in the middle of her first 12-week fieldwork rotation. She originally was going to be at Johns Hopkins for her second, but that fell through, so now she's trying to get located here. I feel so grown up! 
9. Friends: My friends are doing awesome things! Kristen is of course kicking ass, as per usual. My friends Richard and Sarah have just uprooted their lives and moved to Portland, OR, and I'm not at ALL jealous (maybe 5%). Babies are growing everywhere. Justin Bieber is going into outer space. Daniel and Karis are getting married. Vic's friend Shanna is photog'ing at the Spurs game tomorrow night. Life is good. 

Anyway, that's me. And some other people. How are you?