Saturday, May 17, 2008

work work work

work work work work work work work work work work.

work work work. work work work work work, work work work.

work work.



Wednesday, May 14, 2008


so today at work...i mean, at home, when i was lounging around, i was just doing nothing and all of the sudden it crossed my mind that there was something cool i could accomplish with microsoft excel. i put today's date in the first cell, and put 'wednesday' in the cell to the right. then i went down a row and put yesterday's date in b-1, and tuesday in the cell next to it. then i highlighted it and dragged it down. those of you not savvy with excel might not know that you can auto fill data if the program already has some numbers to go by.

anyway, nerdery aside, i dragged it all the way down to april 3, 1978, that most wonderful day when i graced the world with my presence. now, remember, this is just a random occurence, and i no idea that this would happen, but...

TODAY IS MY 11,000th DAY!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!! I'M 11,000 DAYS OLD!!!

(shut up, mike)

Monday, May 5, 2008


yes yes y'all, he's back again! (i was just listening to rap)

(ok really i wasn't. i'm just a dork.)

so, the rollercoaster has been going up and down and all around for the past two months. i've run an entire gambit of emotions, and i'm quite certain i've made up a few new ones. there's been so much happening that i don't think i can sum it all up in one post. but i'm gonna do it anyway because i don't want to spend three days dredging up a whole bunch of crap. (dredging is a means of excavating stuff from underwater. think of the muck and mire of the bottom of the local pond. yum.)

so yeah i'm gonna do it. well, after my dad passed...

(llloooooonnnnnngg inhale....)i started averaging 60-hour work weeks (boooo). i made a lot of money (yay). my car crapped out (boooo). i gained a little weight back (frick). i turned 30 (BOOOO). but k-flix came for my birthday party that i threw for myself (yay!). my family also came for my party (yay). babies are dropping all over the place (indifferent). will and sarah's baby is healthy (thank God). dianna is on bed rest for five weeks, waiting on owen to be born (praying). lisa moved to minnesota (BOOOO). hillary was in town for a month (yay), but for heart-breaking reasons (we are soul-friends for life, now). i've worked and worked and worked (byoaoy!)(that boo and yay intwined). i've turned to friends to help me lose weight (embarrassed). i've bought lots of cd's (hells yeah!). dvd's too (also yay). evangeline was born (awwww look at the little baaaa-by!). dexter harrison was born (mohawk!). i bought a car (super awesome(but more about that in another post)).

i can't think of anything else. i'm sure as soon as i post it, i will think of more. but that's good enough for now.

funny post script - i was talking to my aunt yesterday (my dad's sister), and she said that she googled my dad's name and my previous post was the first thing that came up and she read it and thought i should be a writer. i was kinda embarrassed, since none of my family know about this blog, but it was also nice to hear her gush about it. also kinda weird, since, you know, you talk differently in different parts of your life. anyways, that was funny.