Sunday, December 30, 2007

please enjoy

(hell yes)

Leonard Cohen's song 'Hallelujah' (of which I love Jeff Buckley's version) is one of the best and most revered songs of the last 30 years. Well I've never shied away from the fact that I think David Bazan is one of the best singer/songwriters ever. So how awesome would it be if Dave covered 'Hallelujah?' With his own tweakings?

Hear for yourself.

The holy are the broken. Hallelujah.

Happy New Year.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

tales from the night shift


so it's wednesday at 10 til six in the evening, and i've already almost worked 40 hours. i won't get off until 10:30 tonight (twss), and tomorrow i'm working from SEVEN (SEVEN! SEVEN! SEVEN! (seven!)) in the morning until probably after MIDNIGHT.

so lunch is on me friday, if you happen to be in augusta at that time.

i'm so tired i don't even know which way is up, and the stem on the cherry on the whipped cream on top of the ice cream sundae that IS my job, is that i'm working on a totally separate project this week, and all my regular work is just piling up on my desk.

so, you know...OH MY GOD.

on a side note, last night during dinner i finished an incredible book. it's called 'blue like jazz' by don miller. a fair warning, the subtitle of this book is, 'nonreligious thoughts on christian spirituality.' miller is a christian, but like a lot of us, he's gotten to the point where most organized religion is more of a hinderance than a help. the whole book is just his thoughts on his faith and how to be relevant in a world that is shunning christianity. the chapter on the reverse confessional alone is worth reading the book. i'll be honest, this is the first ever NONfictional book i've read to the end. i'm serious. i know that's probably lame, but there it is. i think anyone in the world can pick up this book and appreciate the honesty and candor of his meanderings. and it's so laid back and simple, it will take no time at all to read.

ok, i'm gonna get back to work. it's not gonna do itself!


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

tales from the night shift

my position of responsibility at O.A. has called for the necessity for me to work the night shift for the next month. this is the reason i got to work at 11 yesterday morning and left at 11:45 last night.

night shift, day 1 - "pat has to fire a guy"
not just any guy. the night shift supervisor. DAY. ONE.
the end.

so for the next month, i will usually be working from noon or 1pm to around 11pm. there are good and bad things about it, the best being that i can wake up whenever I want and still have three hours before I have to be at work.

but, one simple truth remains. overtime. is. AWESOME.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

and don't forget the robot

alive and well

i love putting on an old album and realizing that a song you only marginally liked before is actually REALLY good. excellent harmonies, powerful melodic chorus. and especially when it's on a pretty good album that my other music snob friends would sneer at. AND and it's not even the best song on the album. sigh. i should have left college and been a musician.

normally i would play catch up on here, since i haven't blogged in a while, but i'm too tired and this is one of my favorite quotes: "let me ', es too much. lemme sum up."

i'm gonna sum up.

two fridays ago, my father underwent a 16-hour-surgery to have his tongue, larynx, and lymph nodes removed. the surgery was two weeks later than it was supposed to be, and in that two weeks, the tumor (in his mouth) swelled to the size of a softball. he looked like louis armstrong pushing out a solo on West End Blues. but, he made it through like a champ, and when i went BACK up there a week later (thanksgiving), we actually watched forrest gump on tv together. forrest gump is the only movie he and i ever saw in a movie theater together, though i doubt he remembers that.

other than that, i've been working hard, sleeping poorly, sitting around a lot by myself. you would think that, making a lot more money now, i would actually HAVE money, but no. i'm still brokeded. my friends are all over the country, and i'm here. i have friends here, but they are mostly off doing their married stuff.

i just...wish life had turned out more like i imagined 15 years ago. or even 10 or five years ago. i wasn't meant to be here. not like "augusta" here, here, life-wise. i'm more and more determined to leave and go follow my...dreams? but also the more time i have to think about it, the more i know it is a LONG shot. but that's not the point. i thought i would be happier at almost-30. more content. doing something that i loved or some crap.

ah well. life is not like sitcoms. there are not always friends that you ALWAYS hang out with doing awesome stuff all the time. they don't show the in-between parts, like when chandler is sitting around with nothing to do. or when marshall is at work for 15 hours and can't hang out with ted and lily. they only show the good parts. the interesting stuff.

i wish i could make a sitcom of my life and show the good parts of my life. then all the stuff like channel surfing and four nights in a row of dinner by myself wouldn't bother me so much.

i'm actually in a pretty good mood though. so, no worries. tomorrow i will talk about awesome tv and how much i hate those stupid studios for screwing over the writers.

it's good to be back.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

stupid ass computer~!!!!!


i HATE typing out blogs and then having them delete themselves while you are biting into a cookie.

i'll be back later....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

wow, that's wierd

my 'burn notice' picture changed below. odd.

ok, so, there is a reason i haven't been on here lately so here goes.

Saturday night/Sunday morning words:

empty: i'm sitting in a practically empty apartment right now. i'm moving about 6 miles from here, but since none of my stuff is set up over there, i'm staying back here tonight.

cancer: my dad's cancer came back. i don't know why i put this second, but i did. a couple of weeks ago, he got back from an appointment with the bad news. on october 29, he's going to have his tongue and most of this larynx removed, rendering him unable to speak or swallow. the doctor says this ups his time from 2-5 months to 2-5 years. i went to Oriental, NC last weekend so he and i could make sure that everything was settled. THAT sucked.

job: i've finally gotten hired on. i actually found out about this the same day that i found out about my dad. i started last monday and i got a big raise and nothing else really changed, since i had already been doing it for 11 months. the worse thing is that there are people in my department who are PISSED that i've been hired on and have unabashedly worked to make my new life a living hell. not that it didn't suck already.

chicago: wedding week is here. monday, i'm leaving for chicago for six days. me and drewball and brerin (brad+erin) are driving up and painting the town fuscia (red is so five years ago). that's gonna be fun. we are going to the espn zone, brad and erin are going to see Wicked, and me and k-flix are going to the Second City. i'm so excited!! plus, we are going to go look for the record store from High Fidelity, and we may look to see if we can get in to the Cubs gameOH WAIT THEY GOT SWEPT. stupid cubs.

loan: i tried to buy a car the other day, but the bank wouldn't give me a loan for 100% of the car. ANNND since i don't have any money to put down on the car, i can't get the car. STUPID BANK.

i hope everybody is doing better than i am. oh, and hahaLSUsuckit.

Monday, September 17, 2007


OK well, so.

let me just...try to catch everyone up, since i haven't posted on here in about seven months. oh i know there were posts made here since january, but that wasn't me. that was loser, angry, depressed pat. i'm pat that has finally come to his senses.

i'm not going to school. what the hell was i thinking, you may be asking. actually it was a pretty good idea, but who was i kidding? i don't WANT to do that. i don't want to go to school and i don't want to be an x-ray tech. there is only one thing i want to do, and it's the only thing i've wanted to do for about twenty years now, ever since i used to make up imaginary worlds in my yard. ever since i spent my quiet afternoon hours as a latch-key kid watching tv (not doing chores ever) and running around the house playing cop. ever since on all my long trips i pretend i'm doing interviews and write fake movies in my head.

next summer, i'm moving to either new york city or los angeles. i've got to. i really do. last week i was sitting at my desk watching season 3 of the office and eating lunch, and realized how much i wanted to be there. at the set of The Office, yes, but moreso THERE. you know? by the end of that day, i had realized that in eight months time i would be 30. and i also realized that i didn't want to be 50, looking back with regret at the last thirty years of fear and faking it. this is a stupid idea and i could fail and i could lose everything i have and i'm leaving all my family and friends, and i know that i will never be happy at my job or any other job, other than the one where i get to tell stories and make people laugh and think and converse. and, well, laugh.

so far i haven't met any negativity about it from anyone. my mom is kinda just, well, being mom. she will be very sad, but ultimately she'll want me to be happy. and when i give my oscar acceptance speech that i've been practicing for years, she'll cry a lot.

i haven't told my brother. he won't like it. i also haven't told jeff, my pastor. i'm actually more scared (scareder?) to tell him. we have a high turnover rate at our church, because of the transient nature of our community, and he loses a lot of friends because they move away. and we've had a lot of long-timers leave lately. and i hate to tell him that i'm gonna leave, too. i'm already sad.

coupla cool things, though. my mom's friend has been a set designer for broadway and SNL for the last 25 years, and i'm gonna talk to him. and my buddy heath has a good friend who is a casting agent in LA. and will knows people in NY, too. my original goal last week was new york, because well, new york is awesome. LA is cool, but new york is GREAT! my plan was to go to SNL or conan and sweep floors or something to get my foot in the door, while going to acting and improv classes. but, well, i may do that in LA. i dunno. it's too early to know, so i'm not going to speculate. plus, i don't really want it handed to me. i wanna earn it, you know? i hate american idol and stuff like that because those people just win the right to be famous. they haven't spent years in clubs and bars, earning their stripes. they suck.

ok, so i'm gonna go. please only leave encouragements. oh, and if you know people, hook me up.
and coming soon:
Fred the bird
why my job still hasn't hired me on
moving apartments
and the best new show on television (Chuck)(yes, i've already seen the pilot, and it's awesome).

ok, you guys! i'm not depressed for the first time in about three years. the old pat is back! COMMENT UP!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

teevee love

whoMever said that summer t.v is no good, CLEARLY is not watching t.v. here are the shows that i am currently loving.

Psych: (USA) This is actually one of the better shows I've ever seen. I've usually been wary of USA's original programming, as I am the only person in the world that doesn't like Monk (LOVE Tony Shalhoub, though). This show is PHENOMENAL! And although Roday is awesome as Shawn, the show stopper is Dule Hill (no this is not Bud from the Cosby Show). His facial expressions alone make the show worth watching. Gus is, without a doubt, one of the best characters on television. I also like Corben Bernsen a lot, and the rest of the cast is great. I wish Shawn and O'hara would hook up. I got my roommate so hooked on it after two episodes of Season 2, that he ran out and immediately bought season 1. It took us about a week to watch all of them. I mean, watching two guys play paper-rock-scissors to determine who is going to console a crying man is AWESOME. Some might even say that it is pineapple. PINEAPPLE!

Burn Notice: (USA) Score two for USA network. I love CIA stuff and I LOVE Bruce Campbell (pictured), although he's not the main character. Remember in Hitch, the guy that Will Smith slammed down on the table? Well that guy is the main character. And don't worry ladies, he's not a d-bag in this show. It's really cool, and you learn lotsa cool spy stuff. And it's got Gabrielle Anwar, who, if you didn't know, was in the original BBC version of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. She was Ramandu's daughter, who ended up marrying Caspian. ANYWAY, Burn Notice. Awesome.

How I Met Your Mother: (ABC) Compared to Friends, The Office, Arrested Development, and the like, this show isn't AS good. But it IS great. It's an original concept, however they are marketing it wrong. They say it's a love story in reverse, but it's not. It's a love story where you know the ending. Kind of. I had heard it was hilarious, and when Borders put the 1st season on sale for $20, I snatched it up. If nothing else, you should watch this show for Neil Patrick Harris. "Barney" is one of the funniest characters ever, and Doogie makes it even better. He's the typical bachelor surrounded by couples, only he ACTUALLY says all the things us bachelors wish we could say outloud but don't have to stones to. Just watch it.

My Boys: (TBS) This is another one that isn't top tier. But it is totally awesome (come on, would I lead you astray?), and Jim Gaffigan always rules. The lead character, PJ (how could I not like that?), is cool, and she's a sports writer who covers the Cubs, which is also cool. The girl playing PJ needs to polish her acting skills a little and she'll be set, and all the other characters are riotously funny, except PJ's chick friend, the only other girl on the show. She kinda scares me. I LOVE that it's in Chicago (i'm going there for the first time in October for my roommate's wedding), I love that there are a lot of baseball references (it won't be over your head, girls...and guys who watch E! and not ESPN), and I love that in the show last night, they called one of the guys a d-bag about three dozen times (i'm not gonna spell it out. if you don't know, i'm not gonna tell you).

Aside from The Office and Scrubs, I'm also excited about a new show coming out this fall called the Big Bang, which is basically about a bunch of geeks and a hot girl (what non-jock guy can't relate to that?) and it has one of the guys from Studio 60, about which i'm bumming HARD because of it's cancellation.

But I probably won't be watching much TV this fall, since yesterday I applied to go back to school after five years of the real world, and hopefully by January of 09, I'm going to be a full-time radiography student(I'll be taking prerequisite classes until next June, then the program starts winter quarter of 'o9).

OKAY! Let's get out there and watch some TV!!

Oh by they way, if you didn't know, Psych is about a guy who is PRETENDING to be a psychic so he can solve cases, but really he's just a good detective. How is that not awesome?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

if you go to your family reunion to meet women...

you know you're a redneck.

a-haha. i love that joke. and no, i didn't go to my family reunion to meet women. would you like to know how hot it has been here the last two weeks? it was so hot that my mother skipped the reunion for the first time in, like, 25 years, because it was too hot. friday afternoon, when i was leaving augusta to head up to athens, i saw three different thermometers that said 117 degrees. it's GEORGIA.

ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN DEGREES!!!! (i hit the keys really hard when i was typing that).

i work in a shop. that shop doesn't get a breeze. that shop has no air conditioning. and on top of that, i work with idiots, so you KNOW that's making it even hotter. plus i'm overweight, and my heart beats too fast, so this is making for a miserable coupla weeks. but it has all led me to decide this:

i'm moving to seattle in a couple of years. yes i am. YESIAMYESIAMYESIAMokgoodbyecallmewhenyougetthis. (ah friends)

so, how hot is it where you are? (and if you say it's cold, and if you say it snidely, i will kill you)

Monday, August 6, 2007

hey i didn't get an overdraft this week! yay!

LAST weekend i helped my friends Rodger and Angela move to Chapel Hill. i would have been really sad the whole weekend, except for this:

Scene: Rodger and Pat are driving in a massive U-Haul. Rodger is driving, and they are stopping for lunch. Rodger looks down and reads a sticker on the dash.

Rodger: hmmm...
Sticker: To put vehicle in park, depress brake pedal.
Brake Pedal: Aww man...

And Rodger put the truck in park. You honestly can't make this stuff up.

Also, whilST in Chapel Hill, we returned to Top of the Hill bar and had drinks. Downtown Chapel Hill rocks, as I have said before, and I will be visiting frequently, I think.
Lately, I have been trying to make a tough decision. Should I keep working and take night classes, running the risk of not finishing my prerequisites in time? Or, quit work (YES) and go to school full time on loans? Yes, that sounds good. Thanks for listening.

late edit before posting: i wrote the first part of this on sunday night, and it is now monday night, and i have new news. so, today, they reposted my job, new and improved and beefed up, and the pay is MUCH better (right around what i was going to demand). so now, i think i'm going to work this year whilST taking my initial classes and save up all that cheddar for when i'm in the program and not able to work.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

you can't make this stuff up

the following conversation actually took place last week at dinner:

(foreword: my roommate is sean. we live in an apartment on the corner of his parents' house. tom is sean's stepdad, debbie is his mom. the former occupant of our apartment was a dirty, dirty person who had nasty ferrets and had little money or cleaning skills.)

(the scene: dinner, 6PM, last thursday.)

EVERYBODY: chatter chatter

PATRICK: Tom, I may move out when Sean gets married. I know I said I would like to stay, but I'm not sure I can afford it. You think you can find somebody else?

TOM: I'm sure I can find somebody. Just give me advance notice.

SEAN: (jokingly) Are you sure you don't want to just rent out to another indigent, long-term occupant?

TOM: (grinning) I've got two of those right now.

PAT: I'm not indigent!
SEAN: I'm not long-term!
It was like right out of a movie. Seriously.

Monday, July 16, 2007

movie rating time

here is a list of the movies i've recently seen, and how i judge them.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - 8.5 (out of 10) This movie was fantastic! One of the best comic book movies. It was fun, and it hit on all the best points of what the F4 are all about. Norrin Radd was unbelievable. Great job.

Knocked Up: 9.0 - I laughed SO. HARD. I mean, I was dumbfounded by how funny this movie was. There were a lot LOT of "oh my God did I just see that?" moments, too. Even Igon was hilarious.

Live Free or Die Hard: 9.0 - The ONLY thing that was even remotely bad about this movie is the title. The title is stupid. It loses half-a-point for that. Great action, great characters, great cameos. All around pure awesome.

Transformers: 7.5 - I did like this movie a lot, but the critics are right. Too much Shia LaBeauauufff and not enough "AUTOBOTS, TRANSFORM!!!" Too many characters, like the "too cute to be a computer nerd" girl, and anthony anderson. But still, great movie.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: 8.5 - It was missing a lot from the book, but the book is over 900 pages. Daniel Radcliffe was the worst actor ever in the first two movies. It's obvious he's had some lessons, but he still sucks. All the other characters make up the movie, and Voldemort was just downright awesome. You'll have to see the fight at the end to believe it. (I saw this yesterday, and today i've read about 250 pages of book six, in preparation for Saturday.)

Catch and Release: 8.0 - Not a new release. This is a pretty great little movie. It's got Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith in it, and it was a good story, told very well. I recommend you get the DVD.

The Last Kiss: 8.5 - Anything with Zach Braff is probably gonna be good. The OC chick just annoyed the piss out of me, but I guess that's the point for any guy my age who doesn't think with his crotch. I actually thought that Tom Wilkinson and Blythe Danner were the show stealers. Great little flick.


the next couple of films i see will be the simpsons, bourne ultimatum, and rush hour three. i've got to get it out of my system because once school starts, it's over.

ps - how do you expect people to apply online if your online application doesn't work? just something to ponder, augusta tech.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

i'm not as think as you dumb i am

ok so here are all the things that make me nervous about going back to school.

1. i am a really smart guy. i really am. i'm just more of a application/hands on/visual learner. i ain't much with th' book learnin'. i only did so-so in college, not because i couldn't, but because i didn't care. college is a bad time to begin maturing and finally finding friends. most of my brain matter was spent on that stuff. i'm hoping that this will not affect my ability to get in the radiography program. i really am smart, and now i'm dedicated, so i will do great...if i make it in.

2. finances will be a hinderance. i mean, i've got about 24 grand in loans right now. do i really want to put those on hold for two years, and add another two or three thousand? granted, if i graduate from the radiology program and become a nucular (tee hee) med tech, i will be able to pay that off in about an hour, but still...

i'm definitely gonna apply for some scholarships, see if i can get a free ride or something.

3. the timing stinks. i'm trying to get hired on at my job (yes, still). they may not like it if i tell them that, starting next june (provided i finish all of my core classes by then), i'm gonna be not working there anymore. oh well, too bad so sad. you guys should have taken better care of me.

so, possibly three years of school, with a well-paying, live-anywhere-i-want-job to show for it? TRANSFORMERS, LET'S ROLL OUT! (seriously, i'm a huge nerd for whom there is no hope.)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

video from the big bang

this video is of four of the guys playing a Metallica song. it's only a coupla seconds long, but it reminds me of ALL the fun. courtesy: k-flix

ps - i have a new blog right below this. don't miss it!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

it's just too hot to blog...

i seriously think about blogging every day. it's very difficult to make yourself sit down and do it from some reason. i wish i could remember all the stuff from the last few weeks that i wanted to blog, but the heat has washed it all out.


ok, first: phoenix. then: tuesday words. coming up later: back to school.

phoenix: is not hot. don't. believe. the. hype. yes, it is a very dry heat. yes you can dehydrate and die. yes you can burn quick. but come humidity? please? you walk outside here right now, you start sweating. you dream of jamming icecicles into your eyes. you can't breathe. you just! wanna! die. it's awful. just awful.


phoenix is cool. well, really, like all cities, there are a lotta cool parts. downtown phoenix is cool. me and k-flix (by the way, the reason i'm talking about phoenix is becuz i went to phoenix a coupla weekends ago to help kristen move. ch-check out her blog for more on the new house and all) went to this place called Uno's Pizza or Pizzaria Uno or something, and I almost cried when I ate the crust of this pizza. it was super-bomb. we also watched Knocked Up. drop what you are doing and go watch it. but be careful of crowning.


the desert is definitely cool, if you like driving and seeing scenery. i learned to love this by visiting my dad. k-flix took me out into the desert towards...flagstaff?...and it was definitely cool. not at all like the desert i pictured in my head, which according to kristen, was the sahara. "no, this is the sonoran desert, patrick."


the highlight, however, was our trip to Tempe on saturday evening. we (of course) went to Borders and did the laptop thing. (no the ACTUAL LAPTOP THING). then we had dinner with some of her friends at Bison Witches. get it? bisonwitchesbuysandwichesbisonwitchesbuysandwichesbisonwitchesbuysandwiches. get it now? i knew you could. they have pretty good sandwiches, although our waitress did not understand our need to make an 8 o'clock door at the Big Bang. "what is the big bang?," you may ask. well, friend, the big bang is only the coolest place in the history of ever. the big bang is a dueling. piano. bar. oh yes. and duel they did. not. they did play HOURS of awesome songs, tho. the highlight, to me, was when all six musicians (they all swapped in and out on piano, bass, and drums) came out and played a rousing rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. indeed. it was indeed crazy.

other than that, we moved some furniture, watched sportsnight, eated food, drove around, dodged her crazy new roommate, and had general merriment. and a good time was had by all.

by the way, i saw "catch and release" on the flight out there. top notch.

ok. tuesday words.

a. hot: it is hot.

b. lake: we went to virginia's lake house for the fourth of july. good time, long day. two words: fat people can not water ski. and my arms STILL hurt. the end.

c. infection: don't wig out. i have a sinus infection. it's so bad that i had bright orange snot on saturday night. i know. i've had it since about an hour after i landed in phoenix. thanks kristen.

d. syriana: i watched that last weekend. it was pretty good.

e. TRANSFORMERS: i capped that word cuz DAMN!! it was awesome. also awesome: fantastic four 2, and die hard 4. both super awesome. die hard 4 is prolly the second best movie of the year. behind knocked up. that crap was funny.

f. busted: i wrote a new song. it's a worship song. i put it up on my music myspace, if ya wanna hear it. it has the word 'busted' in it.

g. job: mine is lame. how's yours?

OK, last part. i've decided i'm going to try to get into school and be a nuclear medical technician. radiography. i'll be able to make a buncha monies and move around whereever i want. cool, eh? i'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

that's just the way it is. some things will never change.

bruce hornsby and the range. good stuff.

i honestly am just JONESING for change. i can't handle ruts. my friend angela always tells me that i'm constantly looking for the next big thing: the next car. the next job. the next whatever. and i finally took that to heart after the ten thousandth time she said it and started trying to learn to be content. (did you get all that?)

but seriously, nothing has changed with me lately. i mean, little stuff, but nothing huge, as in job and car. and location. i guess i'm okay with all that. but anytime i start thinking about colorado...or the pacific northwest...or being an actor...i start going crazy for change. i'm about to get hired on at work, and while my raise won't be that big, i'm already thinking about either buying a new car or a house. i can't help it. i need change. i CRAVE change. i'm continually rearranging my furniture (although i can't right now because my apartment is so small-that may be my problem), trying to lose weight, downloading new music (i just downloaded about 50 albums), changing my wallpaper on my computer...

seriously, any little change makes the crazy go away for about an hour, and then it starts all over again. that's why i constantly change the look of my blog. (i'm gonna get Will to fix that red and gray one so that it will be viewable on Firefox.) the only days at work that i really enjoy are the days when i make big changes to my building, or i get some new tools/computer crap, or they days they tell me about my new job.

so, what can i do to have little mini-changes until the next big change comes along? seriously, i think i'm gonna explode.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

and i'm sorry mr. jones, it's time.

"street light shines through the shades, casting lines on the floor and lines on his face. he reflects on the day."

there is a constant necessity now to listen to slow, dark music, and think about what's wrong with my life and wrong with the world. i have this playlist on my computer called "the mooooood," and i listen to it quite often because it makes me feel better. yes, the slow sad music makes me feel better. i'm very odd that way. in college, whenever i would lock myself in my room to read my bible and pray, instead of playing uplifting, spiritual music to match the mood, i would listen to a death metal band called zao. somehow the pounding bass lines and disconcerting screams helped me to digest the beauty and confusion and grace that is God. most people that knew i was doing that said i was an idiot, but i learned a lot in those times.

music influences my life moreso than air, than food (that's a close race), than women, than work, than movies, comic books, than sorrow and anger, more than my family or my friends. i will wake up in the morning with a song in my head, and i will immediately realize that that song was in my dream all. night. long. i can hear any song and tell you where i was the first time i heard it. every album that i have, i know when and for what purpose i bought it. i can tell you my top five favorite bands and/or songs in every genre, including country (blegh). i can also tell you my bottom five favorite bands and why they suck (two of those five are the same band, because they, and by "they," i mean "creed," suck). i turn the Awesome on in the morning, and it plays at my desk all day, even if i'm out doing stuff, because it's comforting to hear good music when i walk back in the door. for every relationship or crush in my life, i can tell you what song represents the relationship or the girl in general, and why. i can tell you what songs represent my mom, baseball, fried chicken (not really), anything.

well, all the dark songs are representing my current stage of life. there are a lot of disappointments and a lot of regrets, but there ARE one or two things to look forward to. sadly, i try not to look forward to anything exciting because i can't say i believe 100% that any of it will happen. but i'm okay with that. i'm happy to be 'without,' because i know there will be more for me later. at the very least, God is good to those around me, and i am content...i guess. i'm never lacking of my needs, and that's better than 90% of the entire world. so i really have nothing to complain about. except that i live in a constant fear of "missing out." does that make sense? it does to me.

so, the future is unknown, and that's okay. ish. y.

"fred gets his paints out, goes to the basement, projecting some slides onto a plain white canvas and traces it, fill in the spaces, he turns off the slides and it doesn't look right. yeah and all of these bastards have taken his place. he's forgotten but not yet gone...and i'm sorry mr. jones. it's time."

i've spent too much time
raiding windmills
we'd go side by side
and laugh until it's right

there's something that you won't show
waiting where the light goes

take the darkest hour break it open
water to repair what we have broken

there's something that you won't show
waiting where the light goes
and any way the wind blows
it's all worth waiting for

pull on the borders to lighten the load
tell all the passengers that we're going home

i spend too much time seeking shelter
world without end couldn't hold her

there's something that you won't show
waiting where the light goes
and any way the wind blows
it's all worth waiting for
any way the wind blows
-glen phillips

Monday, May 28, 2007


if you only read one more book in your entire life (and you've already read the bible and whatnot), then read Blankets by Craig Thompson. it's a graphic novel, and it may move up to number two on my top 5 books list (for my top 5 books, see my myspace).

i would spend some time trying to explain to you the perfection that is 'blankets,' but i'm just gonna tell you to go read it. it's long. and great.

back soon.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007



ok continue:

Lots of stuff has been happening: digging a garden, new kitten, new dog, fire behind our house. but all i can think about right now is....


this is an open message to jeph loeb. i want to blame you. the only good comic book of yours was the first few issues of superman/batman. everything else you have done (read: Smallville, and now Heroes) has flashes of brilliance and ends up being lame. the last episode of heroes, called "How to Stop An Exploding Man," was lame, anti-climatic, and boring (and oh by the way was totally predictable). just like smallville, totally predictable. oh gosh, how can i keep an exploding person from blowing up new york. gee, why don't you take a person who flies (hmm...who could that be?) and fly him up into the air, sacrificing himself for the good of mankind? what a great idea. good grief.

to the makers of heroes, please do better next year. oh, and samurai are cool.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I can't feel my legs!

(you ain't got no legs, lieutenant dan...)

monday night i ran 1.7 miles (MOSTly ran). now it's wednesday morning, and i almost fell flat on my face when i rolled out of bed this morning. at 5:45. am. in the morning.

for those of you who don't know, i'm not a morning person. 5:45am is, like, 2:15am for me. i hate it. totally.

well, kristen was in town last week, and it was pretty much the bomb. we went to the lake with dave and virginia. we went to keffy's graduationzzzzzzzzzzz...., we ate at Calverts (total bill for 10 people: $700. and it was worth it. i had a tenderloin topped with lobster, crab, shrimp and scallops. oh yeah.), we went to atlanta to see ben gibbard and dave bazan's solo tour (dave talked to me from the stage), and then my mom came to visit me on Sunday, and we all had more massive steaks at gwen's house for lunch. all in all, it was a grande time, and i gained eleven pounds.

hence. the running.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Stupid Bank of America!!

Read this and fume along with me.

I hate banks. I hate corporate America. I hate oil companies. Somebody needs to strong-pimp-hand this entire country.


(ps - this isn't even my bank.)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

a little church

jeff played this clip in church this morning, and i wanted to share it with you. it gave me chills.

the whole speech is here.

have a very good Sunday, everybody. Monday is tomorrow.

cinco de moustache!!

back in the day, a bunch of punk and ska bands started cinco de moustache, where they all grew their moustaches until cinco de mayo. it was pretty awesome. i was gonna try it this year, but i realized how white trash and stupid and small my moustache looked and quit after a week and a half.

i will now give you the straight dope on two movies that i watched this weekend.

me, seanery, drewball, jeff, eric, blister, and clay went at midnight on thursday night to see the premiere of SPIDERMAN 3!!!! now i'm sure that you've all read the blistering reviews totally trashing the movie, but i'm here to tell's alright. the first two hours are awesome, followed by an ending that should have been named: Terms of Endearment. but whatever, it was worth it. still a great movie.

then tonight, me, seanery, drewball, and dave went to see HOT FUZZ, baby!!! from the same guys that brought you Shaun of the Dead, this movie was better than spiderman and cost a FRACTION to make (spiderman cost almost half-a-billion dollars to make...most expensive film ever). just as 'shaun' was a comedic take on all zombie movies, 'fuzz' is a VOMITOUSLY HILARIOUS take on all buddy cop movies. the whole theater was roaring during the last 30 minutes.

i say go see both. but, uh...see spiderman at a matinee or something.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday Words (read: Crap)

"Lord, beer me strength."

another attempt at Tuesday Words (which became Friday Words, and finally landed on Sunday Words). my belly is full of hotdogs and cookies, so i'm in a pretty good mood. the good thing is that before i tried to write this, i wrote a long list of things that i needed to blog about, so i won't forget. i'm not lame.

1. April 3: Oh Holy Crap it's my birthday. i just turned mumblemumble years old. i AM an ancient, ancient bastard.

2. April 14: my mom's birthday. it's really hard to shop for my mom. we usually get her some plants and trees to put in her yard and stuff, but i don't know i just never know what to get her. and i MAY or MAY NOT have gotten her a gift yet this year.

3. Mix CDs: i've been getting a lot of mix cd's lately. firstly, my chum sara sent me a double whammy of her faves, and IT IS AWESOME. al green, yusuf islam, otis redding, keane, john mayer, david wilcox, gladys knight and the pips, colin hay, and eastmountainsouth, just to name a few. and then d.o.f.e. send me a mix cd in my birthday present, and it had a bunch of indie bands that i love, plus my favorite dmb and radiohead songs, so ha! and then meredith sent me a double cd of mat kearney songs, which was awesome, not only because he's good, but because...

4. mat kearney: meredith got me a ticket to the sold out mat kearney show at the roxy in atlanta. it pretty much rocked my face, but not because he was good. because he was. but there was a surprise. and that surprise was rocco deluca and the burden. he plays the dobro, and he plays it like an electric guitar, and he FA-REAKING ROCKS. just listen to it. and just know that when you are listening, you aren't getting it all because he's 10 times better live.

5. nickel creek: so, a big fat nothanks to virginia, dave, drewball, elsiewongyinfinspingath, and jeff, who ALL bailed on me and forced me not to go to what may have been my last chance ever to see nickel creek live. they opened their Farewell (For Now) Tour in savannah on april 12, and being that i've seen them live six (6) times and i think they are pretty much "music crack," i am disappointed. ah well, what are you gonna do?

6. ben and dave: go see ben gibbard and dave bazan on a solo tour, that's what!!! the frontmen for deathcabforcutie/the postal service and pedro the lion/headphones are doing a solo tour together (huh?) and me and k-flix and drewball are going to see them in the ATL on may 12. suckers.

7. worship leader: in the last couple of months, i have been leading worship at church. now, i have played guitar and led worship at various places since i went to college 11 years ago, but there is something different about doing at your church where, for the past five years, you have joined a family. it's kinda wierd. in college, i lead worship for 300 people and i was never nervous. but doing it at my church for 80 almost broke my brain. hmm... anyways, i've done it twice now and it has pretty much rocked, and i even played a song that i wrote which makes me VERY self-conscious. i am supposed to be recording two new ones that i wrote (which sound a lot like each other), and will get them up on my music myspace soon.

8. tennis: most people don't know this about me, but my favorite sport to watch is tennis. i love sports, and they don't rule my life or anything, but when the austrailian open was on, i got up at 3AM to watch Roddick/Federer on espn. Next month, me and my highschool buddy jeremy (for another reference to jeremy here on the wardrobe door, look ALL the way back to my first couple of posts) are going to be in athens to watch the NCAA Tennis Championships. UGA is an annual powerhouse in tennis, and the national championships are held there at LEAST every other year. word.

9. colorectal cancer: nobody i know has it, it's just a title. see, like the loveable ol' k-flix, my roommate's fiance (and k-flix's bff) kathy (pronounced KEFFY), is a medical illustrator and is about to receive her master's degree from the prestigious MCG Medical Illustration Graduate Program. well, her master's project is due next week, and guess who narrated that mother? THAT'S RIGHT. yours truly. madly. deeply. yeah. can't you just imagine my country butt talking about adenometous polyps and the adenoma/carcinoma sequence? and rectums? (damn near killt 'em!)(oh i said that about 200 times. and keffy always giggled) also, for fun, i did sample narrations in my awesome british accent and almost-awesome damnyankee accent. you wish you could hear those. i made keffy cry. from laughter.

10. coffee shop: my church is located in an office building, and when we first moved in to the building, we only took up three of the six office sections. well, until just a couple of weeks ago, we had 5 of the six, and then we got the sixth one. after a couple of weeks of demolition and decoration, the new section is a phat coffee shop-style room with a bunch of couches and tons of books and games and stuff, with coffee makers and all kinds of stuff. AND pretty soon it will have a couple of computers there, with WIFI. it rules. and this coffee shop-type place is the location of my most recent victory over Jeff in

11. scrabble!!: jeff, the self-proclaimed 'master of all things scrabble,' LOST a head-on match to me in scrabble. the score was 227-224, and in case you didn't already know, I WON. BWAA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

12. news radio: amazon had these dvds on sale, and so i got season 1 & 2 (combined) and me and sean have been watching it. this show was totally awesome, and the genius of phil hartman is totally on display. i suggest everyone totally go and at rent this and watch it. totally.

for now i'm gonna post this and put up the other half tomorrow. i know this has been boring and dumb, so go read something else now. i'm gonna balance my checkbook and go to bed.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


last night, i beat jeff in scrabble, 227-224! we got finished at 11:15! jeff ALWAYS brags about his scrabble prowess, and how he's the best ever at scrabble, and i will never beat him.

and i BEAT HIM!


(and seriously the post IS coming)

and YESSSS!!!!vvvvvvv

and watch oprah today, because my friend Jo's sister is gonna be on there because of her stank feet. seriously.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


well i spent half an hour writing the first THIRD of my post, when DUMBASS INTERNET EXPLODER SEVEN froze up and i lost it.

it is 10:30. tomorrow i will try again, after i have downloaded mozilla firefox and firebombed microsoft.

up yours, bill gates.


very ouch, baby

thanks all for your concern. i find myself without words or back muscles (GOODBYE, MUSCLES!!!!!). i promise i have an early draft of this massive upcoming post, and i promise that i hope it will be up tonight.

in the meantime....OWWWWWWWWch.


Thursday, April 5, 2007


That's me being sick. I haven't posted in a while because of traveling and birthday and being sick and stuff, so I will get on as soon as I can and catch everyone up. I'm gonna go vomit now.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the ancient, ancient bastard

in B minor.

(i should write that song)

i was talking to dottie about gas prices, and realized (out loud) that i remember leaded gas. i'm the ancient, ancient bastard.

i've had to redo my budget, because at first i allowed for 45 hours a week at work, but i haven't had overtime in about two months, so that's out. and my bills have actually gone up a bit. but in rearranging it, i realized that was budgeting too much for some things, so it actually turned out that overall i'm budgeted for a little less. but, i also have less money coming in, so...not good. however it puts me in the mood for...

Top 5 Things That I Spend My Money On:
(none of this should be surprising)
1. Restaurant Food
2. Gas
3. Comic Books
4. DVD's/CD's
5. Iced Chai tea at Borders

YAYYY Capitalism!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

clever title.

witty subtitle.

deep, personal fact. sweeping generalization. bold statement. hollow resolution. internet laugh.

funny story. inside joke. knowing aside. quick shout out. intermitent link. closing remark.

slang farewell.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

it's a Cosby sweater!

A COZZZZ-BY SWET-TAH!! (did laura let you leave the house like that?)

there's nothing like live jazz to fix your day...

in case you can't tell, the drummer is wearing a teal, v-neck sweater with white and black trim. hence.

the title.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

a little something interesting

i was perusing my iTunes playlists, when i discovered that there was an automatic playlist of the top 25 songs i have played on my player (side note: i type in all lower caps. it actually pains me to put numbers in because they feel too tall. what if there were LOWER CASE NUMBERS?!?)(side side note: the reason lower case letters are called 'lower case' letters is because back in the old days they kept the lower case letters on the lower shelf and the upper case letters on the upper shelf. true story.)(rabbit trail over and out.).

Here they are:
1. Burn That Broken Bed - Iron and Wine/Calexico (12 plays)
2. Maps and Legends - R.E.M. (10 plays)
3. Sleeping Lessons - The Shins (9 plays)
4. The Guitar Man - Cake (8)
5. Phantom Limb - The Shins (8)
6. Sea Legs - The Shins (8)
7. Carbon Monoxide - Cake (7)
8. Waiting - Cake (7)
9. White Shadows - Coldplay (7)
10. More Of It - Leigh Nash (7)
11. Australia - The Shins (7)
12. Emergency Exit - Beck (6)
13. No Phone - Cake (6) That is sad...that should be top 3.
14. Dime - Cake (6)
15. She'll Hang The Baskets - Cake (6)
16. and 17. Transcontinental and When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run - Pedro the Lion (6)
18. - 22. Nightswimming, It's the End of the World As We Know It, The Wrong Child, Turn You Inside Out, Shiny Happy People - R.E.M. (6)
23. and 24. Forever My Friend and Hannah - Ray LaMontagne (6)
25. Pam Berry - The Shins (6)

why is this interesting, you ask? i mean, the list is not even that random. well, first of all, I didn't read the whole list before I wrote this. and B) it shows that despite my obnoxious pride at having 5000 songs (ha! i originally wrote 1500 for some dumb reason), i listen to quite a few of the same ones over and over. now, in my defense, the most recent of those that i've listened to, besides 'maps and legends' (see previous post), is cake. most of this stuff i haven't listened to in a week. i've been making a lot of playlists, and i've also been playing that game where i list off the songs i'm listening to so that other people who are bored (read: kristen) can read it. for example, right now i am listening to all the blindside and switchfoot albums on shuffle. it's pretty gud.

ok well this was a huge waste of time. bye.

(late addition: the lovey-dovey dinner date. this is going to be REALLY disappointing, so be forewarned. i should have just posted it when it happened. at church, on balemtimes day (that's valentine's for all you non-kid-speakers), we had a big shindig where all the couples could come all decked out for a nice dinner and dancing and mirth. well, i was the dj. i wasn't supposed to be there because i am not married or engaged (prerequisites). i was goint to make a disc for them to just put on and let it play. well the disc i tried to make, wouldn't make (burn, not pee) (you have to be smart to get that one), so i had to sit there whilST all my married friends were laughing and giggling at how naughty they thought their jokes were (they were NOT) (naughty). on the other hand, my dj'ing was RAWRsome: ella fitzgerald, george benson, gene harris trio, dave brubeck, billie holiday, frank sinatra, plus sweet songs by coldplay, r.e.m., dave (matthews, not bazan), jackjohnson, elton, sarah mclachlan, stevie wonder, ben harper, nalalie cole (and nat), percy sledge, john mayer, ray lamontagne, the shins, and the temptations (which, ironically, do not tempt me). and the swing portion included benny goodman doing sing sing sing, plus zoot suit riot, my blue heaven, let's dance, jump jive and wail, in the mood, and it don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing. so all-in-all, the whole thing was really just about how i can make a really good night of music (i apologize. i had help.). and i only had to get about 20 songs off iTunes. most of them i already had. rock. out.)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

updates and beatdowns

five points if you know where that title came from. rodger, jo, jamie, kristen: you don't get points, rodger, jo and jamie because i know you know and kristen because i said so. yeeeeah.

ok so...

1. my dad pretty much doesn't have cancer anymore, you guys. last wednesday i found out about the results of his scans. they can not see or detect any more in his throat or tongue. this, in medical terms, kicks major ass. pretty much, as long as he doesn't drink or smoke anymore (which he has no desire for), he'll prolly be ok. wurd.

2. i'm gonna see some shows, Y'ALL. april 12, nickel creek starts their farewell (for now) tour in savannah, ga. and me and dave and virginia and jeff, and prolly other people, are going. and then, the weekend of may 12thish, k-flix is coming to town (she SAYS it's for keffy's GRADUATIONnotwedding, but really it's) so that we can go to see Dave Bazan and Ben Gibbard's solo tour in atlanta (we already gots tickets), and andrew is going!, and maybe rodger and angela.

3. i feel like this is a confession. guys, i have been playing Settlers of Catan. now, i know what you are thinking, but NO this is not an rpg, so don't even start with me about how i'm a liar and whatnot. this is JUST a board game. you just try to get more cities and land and stuff than the other guys. it's like, monopoly for medieval times.

oh God, i'm a dork.

4. we got comcast dvr. it keeps breaking. i'm pissed. just thought i'd throw that out there.

5. i've got this general malaise. i quit the no-carb thing because it was making me sick, and went back to my old real diet which isn't really a diet, it's a lifestyle change. BUT, it hasn't started working yet, and it's frustrating. but i continue to slag through it, so...calories out, water in, and if you see me running for the bathroom, you know...move...

6. my brother and sister-in-law's house has black mold spores. yeah i know. since they moved in a little over a year ago, the kids have gotten sick quite a bit, and two weeks ago they found the mold. looks like it came from the dishwasher, and the insurance company is dragging it's feet. they are lawyering up...stay tuned for details.

7. watch out for people fishing for information. if a bank contacts you and asks you to update your information, contact the bank. give them the email address that the email came from, and for God's sake don't put your SSN on there. my friend's girlfriend just gave away all her information and it turned out to be a fisher. let's be smart out there people.

8. did i mention the concerts? yes. yes i did.

9. i was excited about this new show on FX, the Riches, because it has eddie izzard and minnie driver. so i watched the series premier last night, and it really bummed me out and was very dark and disturbing, so that's out.

10. if you get a chance (and you don't already have it), go on iTunes, or be normal and go to a record store, and find a song called "maps and legends" by R.E.M., on an older, 80's album called Fables of the Reconstruction. it is incredible, and i've listened to it about six times today already. do it. do it now.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Awesome is rockin' this morning!

Dead Man’s Will – Iron and Wine
When the World Ends – Dave Matthews Band
Duane Joseph – The Juliana Theory
Big Rock Candy Mountain – Harry McClintock
Mystery Song – Dave Matthews Band
Belong – R.E.M.
Spoon – Dave Matthews Band
A Talking Voice – Earth, Wind, & Fire
On Ice – Sean Watkins
Anything (f. Black Eyed Peas) – LA Symphony
We Didn’t Start the Fire – William (Billy) Joel
The Cutter – Echo and the Bunnymen
8 – Sunny Day Real Estate
Tres Equis – Cypress Hill
Simple As That – Huey Lewis & the News
Farenheit – Five Iron Frenzy
The Scientist – Coldplay
Sad – Pearl Jam
D.F. (Interlude) – OutKast
Criticism as Inspiration – Pedro the Lion
Bonnie Bessie Logan – Dougie MacLean
Silence – Blindside
Honky Cat – Elton John
I’m the Man Who Loves You – Wilco
Donde Se Fueron – Ozomatli
Tired and Uninspired – The Gloria Record
Phat Rabbit – Ludacris
The Company, The Comfort, The Grave – The Chariot
Peace – Weezer
It’s Not Unusual – Five Iron Frenzy

Sunday, March 4, 2007

i was born on the shores of the chesapeake bay

i've been in virginia beach for the last four days, so i've got a lot of stuff to catch up on, but while that stuff is circling the bowl, i just wanted to say...


Monday, February 26, 2007


Once again, Drew nails it.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

sorry...gotta do it


I put my iTunes player on shuffle, and this is what i got:

Opening Credits: "Baroque" Hoedown - The Cadets of Bergen County

Waking Up: Dirt Work - Slimm Calhoun & Big Boi

First Day At School: Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois - Sufjan Stevens

Falling In Love: Political Science (Randy Newman cover) - Pedro the Lion

First Kiss: Trials - Twothirtyeight

Fight Song: Needles and Pins - Deftones

Breaking Up: In the Waiting Line - Zero 7 (Garden State)

Prom: Ashes of American Flags - Wilco

Life: Immersed - Jason Truby

Mental Breakdown: Soon Forget - Pearl Jam

Driving: All That Is Good (live) - Five Iron Frenzy

Flashback: Tell Me Now - Mazzy Star (Batman Forever)

Getting Back Together: Elsewhere - Sarah McLachlan

Wedding: Way Away - Toad the Wet Sprocket

Birth of Child: Ozona & Sonora - The Gloria Record

Final Battle: Nancy (With the Laughing Face) - Frank Sinatra

Death Scene: Follow Me - P.O.D.

Funeral Song: Hands Are Tied - Gin Blossoms

End Credits: Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) - US3
I must admit, I have aweSOME songs. But none of them fit with the stories. But still, I would listen to that songlist OVER and OVER and OVER. (OH and how aweSOME is it that my first song was by a pro marching band? very.)

for lent, i have given up carbs. needles to say , i am very hungry. (i will spell needless how i want - 9:15pm, 2/22) it's funny, when i ask people if they have GIVEn UP anything for lent, they look at me as if i just asked them, "what face do you make when you are struggling to back one out?" GOD FORBID anyone who is not a catholic participate in an activity of catholic PERSUASION. giving up carbs for lent also gives me some assistance in my diet and weightloss. i've been going to the gym for almost two months, and i'm not really seeing any progress, even though the scale in the locker room says i lost 49lbs in 68 and a half minutes.

last note: justin timberlake, the man who just wants to love you, baby, and whoM also just happened to bring sexy back (where it was, i don't know), is COMING to this area soon. ANYway, long story short(er), the commercial COMES on every 48 seconds, and i'm already tired of that song. SEXY HASN'T BEEN GONE, JACKASSthatusedtobeinnsync.

ps - jim halpert is in serious. trouble.

next issue: lovey dovey dinner date, boned over taxes, and anybody hiring for a man-servant? plus Dwight is hosting SNL. seeya!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

the kids are stupid

and by "kids," i mean "high schoolers."

oh and by "stupid," i mean "OH. MY. GOD. WHAT. ARE. THEY. DOING. IN. SCHOOL."

1. best buy - i was looking for tv shows on sale, which were there the week before. i go to the service desk. i ask the girl:

me - "how often do the tv shows go on sale?"
her - "oh, about twice a year."
me - "really?! well...ok."
her - "yeah. about once every three months or so."

i pause to let the stupidity resonate in your head.


2. (the rest of these stories come from my friends' school) a girl in my friend rodger's class actually raised her hand and said "do people in spanish speaking countries like south africa drink yellow soda?"

3. a girl in my friend angela's class actually did not know the seasons. angela says, "well, soandso, there's summer. that's when we aren't in school. fall is when the leaves fall from the trees. winter is when it's cold, and spring is when everything grows again." (i can't imagine having to say that to a high schooler) so the girl calmly replies, "so...when is autumn?"

i fear for the future of this country.

studio 60 is aweswome. the office is awesome. scrubs is awesome. 30 rock is awesome. heroes has gone downhill, and honestly, it's jeph loeb's fault. he is sub-par. his comics are only decent. smallville is a joke, and now heroes is spiraling down.

anyway, studio 60. i'm so freaking addicted to this show. during my breaks at work i look up articles and stuff about the show. i'm GENUINELY concerned that they are going to cancel the show. but the best part is the stuff i'm learning. everytime they mention any plays or authors, i look them up on wikipedia. august strindberg. look back in anger. the hollywood blacklist. i think i'm going crazy. if i do ever move to LA to be a famous actor (read: "respected thespian"), i wanna be on that show.

ok this post is kinda pointless, so i'm gonna...i'm gonna...i'm gonna GO!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Oh yeah baby. Police reunion on the Grammys tonight.

First, a good story or two.

1. Two Saturday nights ago, before I went to bed, I was reading a comic book about zombies. Inside scoop, zombies scare the hell out of me, but this book is really good, mostly about the people, not the biters. Anyways, Sunday morning, I was brushing my teeth, I set my tooth brush down and reach for a towel. In doing so I knock my toothbrush off the counter. It lands on the floor and begins to vibrate loudly and SPIN IN A CIRCLE! People this is a regular toothbrush. I’ve had it about four months, no vibrating and no SPINNING IN A CIRCLE. It’s a regular toothbrush. It’s not big, it doesn’t have a detachable head. It’s a toothbrush. Apparently they are making regular-looking toothbrushes into SONICtoothbrushes. But reading about zombies, and then watching your TOOTHBRUSH spin around on its own, is not the best.
2. Last Monday night, I was asleep on the couch before Heroes and Studio 60 (the GREATEST SHOW EVER) came on, and I heard a gentle rapping on the door (rap like "knock," not rap like "NWA"). I groggily (yeah I made it up) answered the door to find a cute little old lady. “I hit your car,” she said in a small voice. I zombie out to my car to find...nothing. No dent in the bumper, no nothing. Just a crack that was already there. After quite a few minutes, I convince her that I don’t care. She says that if anything ends up happening, get in touch with her. Fast forward to late Tuesday night. Dottie tries to open my door after the songwriters guild, and it won’t open. So she pulls harder and there’s a loud BANG! And now there’s a dent in my door and I realize there’s more damage than I knew about. There are cracks in my quarterpanel which was pushed back into my passenger side door so that it wouldn’t open. Now I’ve gotta put my shop in the car. I mean my car in the shop.

Hopefully, my work is gonna pony up soon, cuz they are pissing me off. I’m doing all the work, taking all the responsibility, but not getting the money and keep getting my legs swiped out from under me by the higher ups. I mean, I’m actually signing the leave requests for other TEMPS. Other temps like ME. Ugh.

Next story: The Lovey Dovey Dinner Date. (ha. i typed Dover. thanks K.)


Friday, February 2, 2007

whilST a new blog is circling the bowl...

Toothpaste for dinner has been killing lately.

How To Care For a Hamster:

Road Rage Practice:

please be patient with me. despite what sean watkins says, everyday is not a waltz.

Monday, January 22, 2007

here it comes to wreck the day...

here it comes to wreck the day
the time and love i burned to have it end this way
is the only thing that makes me stay
close to the fire

the coming rain smells of new
promises i'll make to you
the way i break them will be clean
where is the fire?

burn burn the day away
come and rain on me

so, even though i ate dinner two and a half hours ago, i almost just dove through the tv screen to get at the wendy's burger they just showed. YUMs.

so, yeah, the title. it never fails. i get to a point in life where i'm starting to feel accomplished and making headway and stuff, and here comes the desire for something else. many times, in the last couple of years, i've gotten to comfortable places, and then stuff comes up. like, moving to atlanta to get into sports broadcasting again. well, it's come around again. i'm in a pretty ok place. financially, spiritually, physically (i'm getting there). and THERE it is. i am now dying to move to LA and start acting. now, you may think i'm joking, and i can't stress how much i'm NOT.

not many people know about it, but i've always wanted to do it. when i graduated, i made a deal with myself that i wouldn't try until i paid off my school loans. i will probably never pay off my school loans, so why not just go ahead and try it?

it's always in my head. always. (look out, here comes molten-hot crazy). i think about it a lot when i'm driving, for some crazy reason. and i MAY or may not do interviews with conan o'brien (just kidding. maybe.) i've acted before. quite a bit, actually. now, i'm not one to toot my own horn so...i just won't say anything. haha. it took me eight minutes to think of that.

i had been thinking about it for awhile, and then the other night i watched the 2-hour true hollywood story of Friends, and all-of-the-sudden i was absolutely enthralled with the idea again. i don't even really care if i become super famous. seriously. i just want to be respected as a good actor. and maybe write some.

so, why does this pop up when i'm finally getting comfortable? because i'm finally getting comfortable. and i always want something more. i can't become content for some reason. cuckoo! (this is the "crazy" cuckoo, not the Gob dance from Arrested Development. and no, i did not edit this post in any way.)

that thing at the beginning of the post? i wrote that.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fear and Tremble Before!....



I now speak to you from The Awesome, an eight-pound beast of fury! A machine of monstrous proportions! Able to exhume thousands of mp3's without batting a byte! More powerful than my last three machines put together! The Awesome lays waste to all it sees before it, and women and children and internet sites tremble at the mere whisper of his name. Can you hear it?

The AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Behold! One hundred and SIX gigs of harddrive. OnePOINTtwo gigs of RAM. At present, The Awesome holds 179 hours, 46 minutes, and 48 seconds of music. The Awesome could entertain me musically for over seven DAYS, and ne'er play the same track twice! And LO, The Awesome doth possess FINGERPRINT SCANNING, for security measures to protect his humble owner. For The Awesome does love me. And I love The Awesome.

Hmm. Maybe I should have just said, "Hey guys I got a new laptop. Oh and bytheway The Awesome is a lush."


PS - The Awesome would like for me to make it known that he does not produce pictures of butterflies. Or kittens. Or, and stuff. He does BOMBS! SWORDS! MUSCLES! HOT I-PODS! (that's for him) HE'S A MAN, MAN!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Bunk Bed Diaries

Letters from the Bottom Bunk

that's right. i put it on the internet. i sleep on a bunk bed. up yours.

mike janik is my buddy. he lived here in augusta, and then last year he took his wife and moved to houston, that asshat of a city that i hate. well, he's here at my house, because his wife is my roommate's sister, and they have been visiting for a couple of weeks (the parents live next door).

early ps - i've gotten a lot of notes and comments here and on myspace recently and i haven't responded yet. i love you all and i will be writing back to you soon. i've got to get some things straight first.

well, it's shaping up to be a banner year. i am going through one of those caterpillar-in-a-cocoon type of changes. financial, physical, plate is filling up fast and just thinking about it tonight has overwhelmed me. i've already started my budget, but i have to get better. i'm starting to dig, really dig, into the bible, and into actually pursuing God and not just kinda giving lip service. plus, pretty soon, i'm going to be leading worship on sunday mornings, and that scares the piss out of me. that is, if i don't move to chapel hill. and on top of all that, i'm about to lose 100 pounds. 105, to be exact. i know, i know. most people say they are going to lose weight at the beginning of the year. well, mine just happened to fall now. my gym membership starts next week, and my OT friend is making me up a super-strict diet.

my life, as i know it, will never be the same. scary. honestly i hope to look back years from now and say, "man, 2007 was the year my life changed." you know how i know it's going to happen? because i'm not hoping it's going to happen. i'm actively pursuing the things that will make it happen. i'm surrounding myself with the people who will help me change. i'm changing the way i see myself, and the way other people will soon see me. secretly though, i want to be happy again. i haven't really been happy for a long time, and it shows in all aspects of my life. it's time to let past hurts go. it's time to give up old habits. it's time to work on me for a bit.

what time is it on your end?

top 5 things i want to see changes in by june
1. my pants size
2. my songwriting skills
3. my checkbook balance
4. the spine on my new bible
5. the look on my face