Wednesday, July 18, 2007

you can't make this stuff up

the following conversation actually took place last week at dinner:

(foreword: my roommate is sean. we live in an apartment on the corner of his parents' house. tom is sean's stepdad, debbie is his mom. the former occupant of our apartment was a dirty, dirty person who had nasty ferrets and had little money or cleaning skills.)

(the scene: dinner, 6PM, last thursday.)

EVERYBODY: chatter chatter

PATRICK: Tom, I may move out when Sean gets married. I know I said I would like to stay, but I'm not sure I can afford it. You think you can find somebody else?

TOM: I'm sure I can find somebody. Just give me advance notice.

SEAN: (jokingly) Are you sure you don't want to just rent out to another indigent, long-term occupant?

TOM: (grinning) I've got two of those right now.

PAT: I'm not indigent!
SEAN: I'm not long-term!
It was like right out of a movie. Seriously.

Monday, July 16, 2007

movie rating time

here is a list of the movies i've recently seen, and how i judge them.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - 8.5 (out of 10) This movie was fantastic! One of the best comic book movies. It was fun, and it hit on all the best points of what the F4 are all about. Norrin Radd was unbelievable. Great job.

Knocked Up: 9.0 - I laughed SO. HARD. I mean, I was dumbfounded by how funny this movie was. There were a lot LOT of "oh my God did I just see that?" moments, too. Even Igon was hilarious.

Live Free or Die Hard: 9.0 - The ONLY thing that was even remotely bad about this movie is the title. The title is stupid. It loses half-a-point for that. Great action, great characters, great cameos. All around pure awesome.

Transformers: 7.5 - I did like this movie a lot, but the critics are right. Too much Shia LaBeauauufff and not enough "AUTOBOTS, TRANSFORM!!!" Too many characters, like the "too cute to be a computer nerd" girl, and anthony anderson. But still, great movie.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: 8.5 - It was missing a lot from the book, but the book is over 900 pages. Daniel Radcliffe was the worst actor ever in the first two movies. It's obvious he's had some lessons, but he still sucks. All the other characters make up the movie, and Voldemort was just downright awesome. You'll have to see the fight at the end to believe it. (I saw this yesterday, and today i've read about 250 pages of book six, in preparation for Saturday.)

Catch and Release: 8.0 - Not a new release. This is a pretty great little movie. It's got Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith in it, and it was a good story, told very well. I recommend you get the DVD.

The Last Kiss: 8.5 - Anything with Zach Braff is probably gonna be good. The OC chick just annoyed the piss out of me, but I guess that's the point for any guy my age who doesn't think with his crotch. I actually thought that Tom Wilkinson and Blythe Danner were the show stealers. Great little flick.


the next couple of films i see will be the simpsons, bourne ultimatum, and rush hour three. i've got to get it out of my system because once school starts, it's over.

ps - how do you expect people to apply online if your online application doesn't work? just something to ponder, augusta tech.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

i'm not as think as you dumb i am

ok so here are all the things that make me nervous about going back to school.

1. i am a really smart guy. i really am. i'm just more of a application/hands on/visual learner. i ain't much with th' book learnin'. i only did so-so in college, not because i couldn't, but because i didn't care. college is a bad time to begin maturing and finally finding friends. most of my brain matter was spent on that stuff. i'm hoping that this will not affect my ability to get in the radiography program. i really am smart, and now i'm dedicated, so i will do great...if i make it in.

2. finances will be a hinderance. i mean, i've got about 24 grand in loans right now. do i really want to put those on hold for two years, and add another two or three thousand? granted, if i graduate from the radiology program and become a nucular (tee hee) med tech, i will be able to pay that off in about an hour, but still...

i'm definitely gonna apply for some scholarships, see if i can get a free ride or something.

3. the timing stinks. i'm trying to get hired on at my job (yes, still). they may not like it if i tell them that, starting next june (provided i finish all of my core classes by then), i'm gonna be not working there anymore. oh well, too bad so sad. you guys should have taken better care of me.

so, possibly three years of school, with a well-paying, live-anywhere-i-want-job to show for it? TRANSFORMERS, LET'S ROLL OUT! (seriously, i'm a huge nerd for whom there is no hope.)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

video from the big bang

this video is of four of the guys playing a Metallica song. it's only a coupla seconds long, but it reminds me of ALL the fun. courtesy: k-flix

ps - i have a new blog right below this. don't miss it!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

it's just too hot to blog...

i seriously think about blogging every day. it's very difficult to make yourself sit down and do it from some reason. i wish i could remember all the stuff from the last few weeks that i wanted to blog, but the heat has washed it all out.


ok, first: phoenix. then: tuesday words. coming up later: back to school.

phoenix: is not hot. don't. believe. the. hype. yes, it is a very dry heat. yes you can dehydrate and die. yes you can burn quick. but come humidity? please? you walk outside here right now, you start sweating. you dream of jamming icecicles into your eyes. you can't breathe. you just! wanna! die. it's awful. just awful.


phoenix is cool. well, really, like all cities, there are a lotta cool parts. downtown phoenix is cool. me and k-flix (by the way, the reason i'm talking about phoenix is becuz i went to phoenix a coupla weekends ago to help kristen move. ch-check out her blog for more on the new house and all) went to this place called Uno's Pizza or Pizzaria Uno or something, and I almost cried when I ate the crust of this pizza. it was super-bomb. we also watched Knocked Up. drop what you are doing and go watch it. but be careful of crowning.


the desert is definitely cool, if you like driving and seeing scenery. i learned to love this by visiting my dad. k-flix took me out into the desert towards...flagstaff?...and it was definitely cool. not at all like the desert i pictured in my head, which according to kristen, was the sahara. "no, this is the sonoran desert, patrick."


the highlight, however, was our trip to Tempe on saturday evening. we (of course) went to Borders and did the laptop thing. (no the ACTUAL LAPTOP THING). then we had dinner with some of her friends at Bison Witches. get it? bisonwitchesbuysandwichesbisonwitchesbuysandwichesbisonwitchesbuysandwiches. get it now? i knew you could. they have pretty good sandwiches, although our waitress did not understand our need to make an 8 o'clock door at the Big Bang. "what is the big bang?," you may ask. well, friend, the big bang is only the coolest place in the history of ever. the big bang is a dueling. piano. bar. oh yes. and duel they did. not. they did play HOURS of awesome songs, tho. the highlight, to me, was when all six musicians (they all swapped in and out on piano, bass, and drums) came out and played a rousing rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. indeed. it was indeed crazy.

other than that, we moved some furniture, watched sportsnight, eated food, drove around, dodged her crazy new roommate, and had general merriment. and a good time was had by all.

by the way, i saw "catch and release" on the flight out there. top notch.

ok. tuesday words.

a. hot: it is hot.

b. lake: we went to virginia's lake house for the fourth of july. good time, long day. two words: fat people can not water ski. and my arms STILL hurt. the end.

c. infection: don't wig out. i have a sinus infection. it's so bad that i had bright orange snot on saturday night. i know. i've had it since about an hour after i landed in phoenix. thanks kristen.

d. syriana: i watched that last weekend. it was pretty good.

e. TRANSFORMERS: i capped that word cuz DAMN!! it was awesome. also awesome: fantastic four 2, and die hard 4. both super awesome. die hard 4 is prolly the second best movie of the year. behind knocked up. that crap was funny.

f. busted: i wrote a new song. it's a worship song. i put it up on my music myspace, if ya wanna hear it. it has the word 'busted' in it.

g. job: mine is lame. how's yours?

OK, last part. i've decided i'm going to try to get into school and be a nuclear medical technician. radiography. i'll be able to make a buncha monies and move around whereever i want. cool, eh? i'll let you know how it goes.