Sunday, September 25, 2005

Vanilla Sky is really depressing...

but i still like it. but it doesn't compare to 'abre los ojos.'

so i went out with a girl last night. I KNOW, RIGHT? it wasn't a date really. we were just hanging out. she's way cool. californian. i hope it works out. one thing i immediately like about her is that she has a total lack of drama about her. i have experienced some major drama queens thus far. and so now if i notice a lot of drama in a girl, that girl ceases to have any chance whatsoever. drama sucks. yo odio drama.

no big deal though. we went to see a movie. fantasic four. her pick. major cool points. you should have seen me. i was all nervous before she got there. and now i'm doing something silly to make her laugh. i have her sunglasses. her "rockstar" sunglasses. i'm either going to get her to go on a scavenger hunt to find them, or else i'm gonna take pictures of the sunglasses eating, or reading, or rockclimbing. and then i'm going to send her postcards FROM the sunglasses with pictures of them doing those things. and in the meantime, she's wearing my raybans, so lets all cross our fingers and hope she doesn't lose/break them. i even set up an email address for the sunglasses. i know. i'm stupid.

sufjan stevens is playing at the 40 Watt tonight. i wanted to go so bad, but it was sold out. but, speaking of the 40 Watt, i got tickets for switchfoot, and me and rodger and will are going. and we are going to hang out with jon, tim and chad (and maybe jerome) after the show. and i'm stoked, not just because i'll be hanging out with them, but because we'll be in athens at 2am, and that's way fun.

i'm looking for a new job, so if anybody knows of anything, let me know. i would be willing to do partial nudity.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


i saw bree make this little face and i liked it, so there you go.
i have this married couple friends, jo (girl) and jamie (guy), and they have been in france and morocco for about two and a half years, and they just came home. they were here in augusta last night to have dinner with me and rodger and angela, and they told me they went to london for most of the summer before they came home. "what did you do there?" i queried. jamie says, "i drank beer. oh, and i ate pork." i thought he was kidding, but no that's what he did in london all summer. as we all know, morocco is an arab nation, and alcohol and pork are forbidden, and jamie, as skinny as he is, lost about 20 pounds because he couldn't drink beer. but, he did get some of his beer belly back over the summer (a very little bit of it), and i'm proud of him. and when i came for dinner last night, i brought him some honey brown and killians red. it was so good to see them i almost wet myself.
so, the other day i nutted up and called a girl. that was huge. and it went very well, so we'll see how that goes.
right now i feel very un-creative, because i just read the blog of these friends of bri's, and it was real funny and i don't feel funny anymore. so go read their blog. it will make you laugh. O_o

Saturday, September 17, 2005

they should call them humor cookies

I just got the funniest fortune cookie ever. It said, and I quote, "smile if you like this fortune cookie." I BUSTED OUT LAUGHING. I showed it to my buddy Mike, and he busted out laughing. And then Banda busted out laughing. It was a good one.

I hate working on Saturdays.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Long live the movie montage

I wish my life went in montages. Firstly I'm assuming that everyone knows what a montage is. You know in a movie where they want to show time passing or a bunch of stuff quickly, they'll play a song and show a lot of different things happening, and you don't hear talking, you just hear the music and see the stuff happening. Well, there's always music playing in my head, so why should my life just be a long montage. It would mostly be slow, sad music, because that just makes me feel better. Probably the song that would be playing: "Skin" by Vigilantes of Love. The song is perfection, and it's mostly about Van Gogh, and it's awesome. If you don't know who VOL is, get into them. It's a band started about 20 years ago by Bill Mallonnee, and after a three or four year hiatus, they are getting back together, and I'm about to pee my pants because they rule. They played this past Friday night in Athens, GA at the 40 Watt (legendary bar, don't even ask, owned by Peter Buck of R.E.M.), and I wanted to go, but none of my friends were excited about it, so whatever. Either that song, or maybe "I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You" by Colin Hay (Garden State Soundtrack). Colin Hay used to sing for Men at Work (you know, they guy with the lazy eye, the song "Who Can It Be Now?")

Anyway, I've been in this mood lately. I know, right? I'm always in a mood. I was sitting in kinship group last night (kinda like Bible study, and yet not), and I was thinking to myself, "I wish I could just put on an invisibility cloak and walk around, not just here at group, but everywhere." I go through these periods where I just don't want to be around anyone, and then a couple of days later I have to get a bunch of people around me so I'll feel better. You know I wish my life WERE a movie. It might make more sense.

Rodger prayed for me and said he felt like I was standing at the side of a rapid with my kayak, watching the water rush by and was too afraid to jump back in again. Probably because of past failures and mistakes and stuff. And wow, did that hit me like a ton of bricks in the chest. My head was swimming, I was coming up with so many ideas of what the river could be (girls, job, life, church, etc.) Oh, and funny story. Earlier I blogged that I had something about me that I felt was my "long nose." I'll recap. Cyrano had the long nose, and I have something about me that I'm embarrassed of, and I call it my Cyrano (but it's not my nose). I know that's confusing but anyway at kinship last night, someone sort of "complimented" the thing that I think is bad. Just out of the blue. Will and I got a good laugh. Sigh. Sometimes I think I'm clinically insane. And sometimes, I'm just hungry. Also, I think maybe I'm a mental hypochondriac. I don't think anything is physically wrong with me, but maybe I have mind cancer. I'm joking.

Before I go, my friend Andrew and I just watched the movie Crash. If you haven't seen it, i DEMAND that you stop whatever you are doing right now and go watch it. Right now I feel like a racist bastard.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sunday morning...

"sunday morning rain is falling..."

even though, at this point in my life, i DETEST maroon 5, i can still appreciate the fact that they had some good songs. unfortunately, that album represents a weekend that i would looooooovve to forget, and so, i can't listen to it anymore. i sold my copy to a cd store. ah well.

so, i got off of work at three yesterday, went home, showered, put on fresh garments, etc, etc, went to a sports bar to watch about three hours of a football game that nearly gave me a heart attack. why do i do this? i don't know. we didn't blow them away like we should have, we actually barely won. i'm sitting in a room full of grown men and women, with 12 different football games on, and i'm screaming. AT THE TV. nachos, beer, and yelling. i've come to the conclusion that we men are silly. we are silly men and we do silly things. but we have fun. unless we are losing. then we are just spending money.

new roommate has moved in, finally. he's already been more fun in 2 days than the old one was in four months. so, good times for the hotel. (the hotel is the name of our house...sweet, eh?)

a quick note on phone messages before i go. why do people get so uptight about leaving a message. "hey, i called you earlier." "did you leave a message?" " wasn't imp-" "WELL if you didn't leave a message then why would i call you back?!" "because it wasn't imp-" "I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DON'T LEAVE MESSAGES!!" "ok." i've had this conversation many times, in many varying forms. virginia and i have this conversation a lot, but she just likes to pick on me. she doesn't get upset like SOME people do. so, attention universe: i may call you, and if it's not important and you don't answer, i'm not gonna leave a message. if i'm calling you to ride to the grocery store, i'm not gonna leave a message. if i'm calling you to go on a date, i probably will leave a message. i make no apologies, and i will not change, so NYAH!

i think i'm going to start saying the word "ruddy." you know, the way british people use it. kinda the way they say "bloody," but instead it's "ruddy." but i'll wait til the next post so i don't weird anybody out.

oh, and hey meredith! :)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Dawgs vs. Cocks today...

5:30 kickoff. spurrier is gonna get his @$$ handed to him. that's ALL i'm gonna say.

Saturday, September 3, 2005

Fung Schway

I know that's not how you really spell it.

So, we kicked my roommate out. It was awesome. Not really. But he's gone. And our buddy Michael (that's Sergeant Michael to you) is moving in. Only right now, he's at PLDC (sergeant training) at Ft. Benning, so his girlfriend and my homey Hazel has been moving him in and setting his room up. And that got me realizing. I've been in my house since May 20! It's high time I changed my furniture around in my bedroom! So I did that last night. It was an undertaking to be sure. I have to do it every four or five months, just to keep stuff fresh. And it has to look awesome, and it doesn't necessarily have to be practical (i was about to put my couch diagonally in the middle of the room). So but I got it done basically. It looks pretty good. It'll do. But Hazel and VAKing are right...I have a LOT of stuff. Good thing my bedroom is huge.

You know, I'm a jerk. I realized that I don't read and post on other blogs NEARLY as much as anybody else. So I'm gonna work on that. I promise. I am reading you guys' stuff. I swear.

I got my plane ticket. Will and Sarah, I love you. I'm flying out of BIRMINGHAM to save $100 dollars. I'm also having my wisdom teeth out in two weeks. YIKES. I hate needles. Needles and snakes. Somebody mentioned needles and snakes in the same sentence the other day. My brain imploded, I freaked out so bad. (That's why this post is so stupid)

Um, watch the movie American Splendor. You won't regret it. Also, I'm currently reading some awesome comic books. New Avengers is awesome.

The Georgia Bulldogs kick off their season today in Athens against Boise State. GGGGo Dawgs.

Oh Bri, guess what? I watched one of my videos from the Creek last week. It was awesome. I was helping a buddy set up his camera and computer and we ended up talking about it and I showed it to him. It made me think of you. And yeah, I probably do owe you money. What's $10 with five years interest?