Wednesday, September 27, 2006


hello. my name is patrick. i have been addicted to You Tube for about a week.

"hello patrick"

it all started last friday. i didn't get into the spades game we usually have at lunch. i got bored really fast with my space and blogger, and decided to find clips of "the office." before you know it, i'm rolling on the floor...laughing.

now, i'm on You Tube two or three times a DAY. clips of dane cook, chappelle's show, the office, and chris rock are dancing through my head like some streaming hallucination.

i accept that i have only done this to myself, and i am ready to get help. i don't want to live like this anymore.

thank you.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

yeah, i know

you may now comment on how awesome this looks.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

kickball, dangit!!!!!!

that's right, we the people of the vineyard community church, will be getting down with our bad selves, in the game of kings: KICKBALL!!!

i'm gonna destroy everybody.

ps - um, yeah, georgia football team? that was not pretty. you need to shape that up.

Friday, September 22, 2006

i've said it before

i'll say it again


i'm trying out some different stuff until Will makes me a cool, unique page. this one kinda sucks, and i had to widen the "paper" so all my crap would fit in, but oh well.

lots of changes at work. i'm still thinking i may get that promotion and raise. i really won't believe it until about 3 days AFTER it happens, but, you know...

so yeah.

my brain hurts.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Love Seat

This pretty much made my head explode at work today.
Click on it to make it bigger.

Monday, September 18, 2006

there are some changes over to the right...

can you find them all? and do you know what they mean?

the dawgs won 34-0, that is fantastic. great day of college football this past saturday, every team that i wanted to lose, lost, except one. that would be florida, and i hate them the most. so oh well.

i will put more up tomorrow. right now i have a headache. and i have lots of laundry to do.

music update: the song is playing now. i'm gonna post the words there soon. i'm also about to record my second. and some of the other guys and i just started discussing putting them out on a disc, not unlike the two we have released so far, but probably not as done up as those. anyways, i'll keep you posted. let me know if the song sucks or not. i know i need to redo the vocals at the beginning, and i'm in the process of writing some non-worship songs, too.

ok that's it.

say goodbye.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

i know! i know!

(you asked the QUESTION!)

the music is not up on my page yet. i figured by the time monday morning rolled around, it would be there, but sadly no. me and will are trying to figure out the problem.

but in the meantime, isn't that picture pretty cool? i look pretty decent from a distance.

until the song comes up, hum something in your head. like this: hmmmmm hm hmmMMMM mmmhmmmmmm hmm mmMMMMmm MM MM Mm. ah yeah...that's nice.

i'm out.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

cool new ITEMS

right now, sarah sansbury is singing a song in my ear. it's awesome.

i finished my first song. it's a worship song, called On the Floor. it's at my new music page. And I wrote another song tonight called Broken Love, which is also a worship song, but could have gone either way. I hope to record it this week and put it up soon.

also, if you check my regular myspace at the right, i put up an awesome new song from pigeon john. please enjoy.

lastly, i've added a couple of new people to my list.

haley is kristen's sister. i've met her once and i've talked to her twice that many times. but she is really funny, and a fellow FRIENDSter.

bekah and i sang in some choirs together in college. she is one of the funnier people i've ever known, and a wonderful actress (tor?). she's good people.

adelle is the half-year-old of my college friends jo (girl) and jamie (dude). she is cuter than heck, and jo and jamie are great parents. jo loves dashboard confessional, jamie SHOULD have been a professional rapper, and thanks to them, i know of jack johnson. i love them.

lastly, but lauren is someone that i found by just randomly surfing around blogger. all of the sudden, i'm looking at a picture of this girl grinning really big in a clerical collar. we are immediate music and movie friends.

um, so that's it i guess. new myspace page for music, two new songs, and four new bloggy friends.

so, what's new with you?

Friday, September 8, 2006

Thursday, September 7, 2006

more words for you

i'm going to use words like "the," "budget," "guitar," and "coma." whenever you see these words, scream.

you know, like peewee's playhouse?

anyway. this year has been really up and down. so much in fact that i wonder if i'm bipolar. i'm probably not, but who knows. is there anysuchthing as half-bipolar? would that be quarterpolar? semipolar? polar? bear? hm.

things have actually been looking up, i think. after a pretty serious financial disaster a couple of weeks ago, i met with a friend and he got me on a pretty serious budget. now, honestly, REALLY honestly, i am a HORRIBLE financial manager. i love to go out to eat and go to the movies (i've been to about 15 this summer already) and buy comic books. and i don't make that much anyway. so for him to say to me "get on this budget and stay on it" made me nervous, and then when he said "you are going to buy a house next year," well then my brain just exploded. and when it exploded, all the little chunks started laughing at him and pointing.


but he talked me in to it. and after a week, it's been pretty simple. i'm starting to think, why was this so hard for me all along? the truth was that i just had the wrong frame of mind about money, and jeff kinda pointed me in the right direction. and i've seriously been walking a little taller since then.

the other good things are threefold. (a) i got a raise. i may have already said that, but yeah, i got a raise, so that's good. (2) i'm working for my church now, too. it's not a lot of money (which i'm actually happy about), but it's good and it helps a lot. and (#) i'm pretty soon going to be getting a promotion and another raise (the promotion i'm sure about, the raise i'm pretty sure about). so these are all really good things.

and...i'm still fighting this feeling. it sucks because i have a lot of things to be cheery about, but still. i'm sure it's just me, but...whatever. i'll get over it.

the other cool thing is, i'm gonna start actually writing songs. i've got some stuff down already, and me and dottie went down to the fox's lair last night to scope it out. it ruled. next week i'm gonna play at open mic night, and me and my guitar are gonna rockout. oh and i wrote a worship song, too, and me and rodger are going to record it this weekend.

oh, and btw, dottie blew the doors off the place. she's awesome.

more later.

ps - this is what this section of the alphabet would look like if q and r were eliminated.

pss - coma. i couldn't think of anywhere to put it, so there it is. everybody scream.

psss - i just ripped up a quarter of my thumbnail. awesomes.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

i'm sorry but...

brooke sheilds looks like a man in this picture.