Sunday, April 12, 2009

I think they knew I needed to laugh

While at home in Athens this weekend, my dog Hobbes treed a squirrel. But he treed it on a telephone pole. The squirrel tried to come back down, but Hobbes was relentless. So the squirrel scrambled to the very tip top of the pole and sat there. I found it odd that he never tried to run across one of the eight wires on the pole when he J U M P E D off of the pole all the way to the ground. But Hobbes, tracker that he is followed him down and dove on him. But just like in a cartoon, the squirrel got away and SCRAMBLED BACK UP THE POLE! By then my mom had come out to watch, just in time to see him do it again! I guess Hobbes couldn't believe it either, because somehow the little guy got away. Hobbes came trotting back over, not really bothered by it and I was like, "dude, seriously. how'd you let him get away." Hobbes was like, "that guy jumped off the top of a telephone pole TWICE and LIVED. Catch him yourself."

But I didn't.