Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday Words (read: Crap)

"Lord, beer me strength."

another attempt at Tuesday Words (which became Friday Words, and finally landed on Sunday Words). my belly is full of hotdogs and cookies, so i'm in a pretty good mood. the good thing is that before i tried to write this, i wrote a long list of things that i needed to blog about, so i won't forget. i'm not lame.

1. April 3: Oh Holy Crap it's my birthday. i just turned mumblemumble years old. i AM an ancient, ancient bastard.

2. April 14: my mom's birthday. it's really hard to shop for my mom. we usually get her some plants and trees to put in her yard and stuff, but i don't know i just never know what to get her. and i MAY or MAY NOT have gotten her a gift yet this year.

3. Mix CDs: i've been getting a lot of mix cd's lately. firstly, my chum sara sent me a double whammy of her faves, and IT IS AWESOME. al green, yusuf islam, otis redding, keane, john mayer, david wilcox, gladys knight and the pips, colin hay, and eastmountainsouth, just to name a few. and then d.o.f.e. send me a mix cd in my birthday present, and it had a bunch of indie bands that i love, plus my favorite dmb and radiohead songs, so ha! and then meredith sent me a double cd of mat kearney songs, which was awesome, not only because he's good, but because...

4. mat kearney: meredith got me a ticket to the sold out mat kearney show at the roxy in atlanta. it pretty much rocked my face, but not because he was good. because he was. but there was a surprise. and that surprise was rocco deluca and the burden. he plays the dobro, and he plays it like an electric guitar, and he FA-REAKING ROCKS. just listen to it. and just know that when you are listening, you aren't getting it all because he's 10 times better live.

5. nickel creek: so, a big fat nothanks to virginia, dave, drewball, elsiewongyinfinspingath, and jeff, who ALL bailed on me and forced me not to go to what may have been my last chance ever to see nickel creek live. they opened their Farewell (For Now) Tour in savannah on april 12, and being that i've seen them live six (6) times and i think they are pretty much "music crack," i am disappointed. ah well, what are you gonna do?

6. ben and dave: go see ben gibbard and dave bazan on a solo tour, that's what!!! the frontmen for deathcabforcutie/the postal service and pedro the lion/headphones are doing a solo tour together (huh?) and me and k-flix and drewball are going to see them in the ATL on may 12. suckers.

7. worship leader: in the last couple of months, i have been leading worship at church. now, i have played guitar and led worship at various places since i went to college 11 years ago, but there is something different about doing at your church where, for the past five years, you have joined a family. it's kinda wierd. in college, i lead worship for 300 people and i was never nervous. but doing it at my church for 80 almost broke my brain. hmm... anyways, i've done it twice now and it has pretty much rocked, and i even played a song that i wrote which makes me VERY self-conscious. i am supposed to be recording two new ones that i wrote (which sound a lot like each other), and will get them up on my music myspace soon.

8. tennis: most people don't know this about me, but my favorite sport to watch is tennis. i love sports, and they don't rule my life or anything, but when the austrailian open was on, i got up at 3AM to watch Roddick/Federer on espn. Next month, me and my highschool buddy jeremy (for another reference to jeremy here on the wardrobe door, look ALL the way back to my first couple of posts) are going to be in athens to watch the NCAA Tennis Championships. UGA is an annual powerhouse in tennis, and the national championships are held there at LEAST every other year. word.

9. colorectal cancer: nobody i know has it, it's just a title. see, like the loveable ol' k-flix, my roommate's fiance (and k-flix's bff) kathy (pronounced KEFFY), is a medical illustrator and is about to receive her master's degree from the prestigious MCG Medical Illustration Graduate Program. well, her master's project is due next week, and guess who narrated that mother? THAT'S RIGHT. yours truly. madly. deeply. yeah. can't you just imagine my country butt talking about adenometous polyps and the adenoma/carcinoma sequence? and rectums? (damn near killt 'em!)(oh i said that about 200 times. and keffy always giggled) also, for fun, i did sample narrations in my awesome british accent and almost-awesome damnyankee accent. you wish you could hear those. i made keffy cry. from laughter.

10. coffee shop: my church is located in an office building, and when we first moved in to the building, we only took up three of the six office sections. well, until just a couple of weeks ago, we had 5 of the six, and then we got the sixth one. after a couple of weeks of demolition and decoration, the new section is a phat coffee shop-style room with a bunch of couches and tons of books and games and stuff, with coffee makers and all kinds of stuff. AND pretty soon it will have a couple of computers there, with WIFI. it rules. and this coffee shop-type place is the location of my most recent victory over Jeff in

11. scrabble!!: jeff, the self-proclaimed 'master of all things scrabble,' LOST a head-on match to me in scrabble. the score was 227-224, and in case you didn't already know, I WON. BWAA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

12. news radio: amazon had these dvds on sale, and so i got season 1 & 2 (combined) and me and sean have been watching it. this show was totally awesome, and the genius of phil hartman is totally on display. i suggest everyone totally go and at rent this and watch it. totally.

for now i'm gonna post this and put up the other half tomorrow. i know this has been boring and dumb, so go read something else now. i'm gonna balance my checkbook and go to bed.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


last night, i beat jeff in scrabble, 227-224! we got finished at 11:15! jeff ALWAYS brags about his scrabble prowess, and how he's the best ever at scrabble, and i will never beat him.

and i BEAT HIM!


(and seriously the post IS coming)

and YESSSS!!!!vvvvvvv

and watch oprah today, because my friend Jo's sister is gonna be on there because of her stank feet. seriously.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


well i spent half an hour writing the first THIRD of my post, when DUMBASS INTERNET EXPLODER SEVEN froze up and i lost it.

it is 10:30. tomorrow i will try again, after i have downloaded mozilla firefox and firebombed microsoft.

up yours, bill gates.


very ouch, baby

thanks all for your concern. i find myself without words or back muscles (GOODBYE, MUSCLES!!!!!). i promise i have an early draft of this massive upcoming post, and i promise that i hope it will be up tonight.

in the meantime....OWWWWWWWWch.


Thursday, April 5, 2007


That's me being sick. I haven't posted in a while because of traveling and birthday and being sick and stuff, so I will get on as soon as I can and catch everyone up. I'm gonna go vomit now.