Wednesday, October 5, 2005

I'm getting lazy

I think I have writer's block. I keep wanting to post on here, but I can't ever think of what to write. So tonight, I will engage you, my 8 readers, to think.

Top 5 List
Episode 1
#1. Top 5 dream jobs (education and experience not required)
Two of mine are National Geographic Photographer and Hitman.

#2. Top 5 books that you think should be made into a movie.
My biggest one was Chronicles of Narnia, but they are doing that now, so...

Think hard about these and get back to me.


Will Sansbury said...

Top 5 Dream Jobs
1) Writer
2) Photographer
3) Independently wealthy
4) Stay-at-home Dad
5) Editor for something interesting (good mag, lit journal, etc... no editing medical journal articles or anything like that).

Top 5 Books that should be Movieified.
1) Ender's Game (they're doing it, I think)
2) Perks of being a wallflower
3) Bridge to Terabithia
4) Wrinkle in time series (that crap on tv last year doesn't count.)
5) ... I need to read more.

Rodger said...

DANG IT!!!! i just typed all this funny stuff, and it didn't work. That's it-i'm going home...

Sara said...

great idea...i have to think about it...i will post them on my blog and totally give you the credit.

Meredith said...

yes, lazy does seem appropriate. ;)

Dottie said...

Top 5 Dream jobs
1. Independently wealthy (sorry Will, but I had to steal that from you)

2. songwriter

3. Wife of rich engineer, businessman, banker,etc.

4. College Professor

5. Restaurant critic

pat said...

You want to be a WIFE as a career?! Man do I have a new kinship for you to attend.

Sara said...

1. Candy Store Owner-with lots and lots of chocolate.
2. Scrapbook Page Maker-the ones who create pages for magazines and stores...someone is doing it.
3. Travel Writer
4. School Counselor...thinking about this one.
5. Classroom teacher...done this one, want to again.

Dottie said...

I only want to be a wife of a rich man as a career. Not just any man. Reasoning: a rich man can afford to keep me busy in the hours I would normally spend working. If I marry a less-than-rich-man that's fine but I have to have another job becuase otherwise I just sit around and do nothing. This doesn't work for me. So if I marry rich, then that could be my career. Why not.
p.s. I only actually say this because I realize that I will never marry rich. The idea of actually not working is depressing to me.

pat said...

that's what i thought :)

Will Sansbury said...

Man do I have a new kinship for you to attend.


Cluck. Cluck.

Dottie said...

Are you guys gonna let me in on the joke?

pat said...

absolutely not.