Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the "Organization Automobile" memoirs

"organization automobile" is the code name for the place at which i work. this place has added more drama to my life than any three people combined. ever.

well, except these two girls that i won't mention. they don't read this and none of you know them, but you never know...

well, i'm officially sick. you know how sick i am? my tastebuds aren't working. THAT'S RIGHT. it's not that i can't taste anything, it's that everything tastes wierd. even water. you KNOW you are sick when water tastes wierd. this isn't crappy city water either. this is YUMMY culligan water. gross. pop tart? gross. sprite? gross. Miyabi rice and steak? gross. but i'm still eating it, because i'm hungry. big shocker there.

FINALLY something pretty cool happened at work, though. i've made quite a few friends in the engineering department, since that's where i work. well, yesterday one of my technician friends said that the head honcho here was talking up a storm about me. ME. he said he liked working with me, i had a good attitude and work ethic, i seemed on top of things, and i'm very willing to help. AND that i'm a good guy and he likes me. I KNOW. he must not work with me that much if he thinks all those things. haha just kidding. i AM awesome. but, they need to pony up the dough if they think all of those things about me. i mean, i can barely afford my bills with what they are paying me here. RRAARGGHHHH!! sorry, i had to clear my throat.

the reason that i have been at work the past three days, yay though i am sick, is because i'm taking off tomorrow afternoon and friday morning. i'm gonna stop by the lake to see virginia and lacy as they study for the boards, and then go see my brother at the cabin. this, i am excited about. why? because i won't be at work.


(the contents of this blog may be off-kilter and wierd. this is due to the fact that patrick cannot breath or taste food...two things he loves dearly. please ignore bad writing and worse humor. basically, he is asking you to laugh sympathetically)


Bree said...

Ha ha! Ha ha ha! (It's hard to convey sympathy through text...) O_o

Courtney said...

Still a very entertaining blog...hope you feel better soon!