Friday, August 11, 2006

Concert recount

sadly my first concert was Carman. i was about 8. but i have fully redeemed myself in the last 8 years.

as of next tuesday:
DMB - 3
Switchfoot - 4
Pedro the Lion - 2
Nickel Creek - SIX
FIF - 2
Pigeon John - 3
P.O.D. - 6
Blindside - 5
John Mayer - 1
India Arie - 1
Ozomatli - 1
Eisley - 1

plus one attending of Cornerstone music festival in Bushnell, IL, where i saw lotsa wicked awesome bands, including Dashboard Confessional.

you can subtract 1 point for the fact that i saw macy gray. i couldn't help it. she opened up for dave in atlanta in '01.

me out.

ps - chuck norris knows the last number of pi.


Sara said...

Did you know that Courtney (the movie fan) and I saw Chuck together at Borders. WTR!!! It was actually Chuck.

Kristen said...

My first concert was Newsboys. I was in middle school - I don't think I've redeemed myself yet...although the Muse concert last year was pretty effing awesome. And, I didn't know you'd seen Eisley in concert! Next topic on the K-P discussion plate: concerts.

Bree said...

My first concert was George Straight. I was in third grade and my parents took me. Talk about not being able to redeem yourself...LOL!

I think seeing Bob Dylan took a pretty big chunk out of THAT childhood embarassment. O_o

PS Aren't the Eisley kids awesome??!?

pat said...

Bob Dylan is playing here in augusta thursday night. I'm not going.


Bree said...

sadface indeed. :(

Bekah! said...

hehehe...visit my "friend" violet's myspace page. you'll giggle your nickers off.

Jo said...

Pat, I have you beat - my first concert was Vanilla Ice and I went with my DAD!!! Seriously. I think I even wore hammerpants. Sigh. I'm so uncool it hurts a little. Or a lot.