Thursday, February 15, 2007

the kids are stupid

and by "kids," i mean "high schoolers."

oh and by "stupid," i mean "OH. MY. GOD. WHAT. ARE. THEY. DOING. IN. SCHOOL."

1. best buy - i was looking for tv shows on sale, which were there the week before. i go to the service desk. i ask the girl:

me - "how often do the tv shows go on sale?"
her - "oh, about twice a year."
me - "really?! well...ok."
her - "yeah. about once every three months or so."

i pause to let the stupidity resonate in your head.


2. (the rest of these stories come from my friends' school) a girl in my friend rodger's class actually raised her hand and said "do people in spanish speaking countries like south africa drink yellow soda?"

3. a girl in my friend angela's class actually did not know the seasons. angela says, "well, soandso, there's summer. that's when we aren't in school. fall is when the leaves fall from the trees. winter is when it's cold, and spring is when everything grows again." (i can't imagine having to say that to a high schooler) so the girl calmly replies, "so...when is autumn?"

i fear for the future of this country.

studio 60 is aweswome. the office is awesome. scrubs is awesome. 30 rock is awesome. heroes has gone downhill, and honestly, it's jeph loeb's fault. he is sub-par. his comics are only decent. smallville is a joke, and now heroes is spiraling down.

anyway, studio 60. i'm so freaking addicted to this show. during my breaks at work i look up articles and stuff about the show. i'm GENUINELY concerned that they are going to cancel the show. but the best part is the stuff i'm learning. everytime they mention any plays or authors, i look them up on wikipedia. august strindberg. look back in anger. the hollywood blacklist. i think i'm going crazy. if i do ever move to LA to be a famous actor (read: "respected thespian"), i wanna be on that show.

ok this post is kinda pointless, so i'm gonna...i'm gonna...i'm gonna GO!


Kristen said...

I'll bet that girl in Angela's class thinks "indian summer" is actually a season celebrated by Native Amercians. *Zing!*

Thister said...

Haha! Nice one!

Damn. I can't believe these students are in high school. I guess NCLB is educating to Bush's standards, though.

Bri said...

this made me giggle a bit... as your posts often do. it is sad, isn't it? what the hell, kids?!

ps - studio 60 is one of the greatest new shows. it makes me laugh and cry and i love that. why the hell would they cancel? those bastards. i've heard the same rumor though. maybe we should start a petition?

Bree said...

I think, like, school is like, really good and stuff, but that it's kinda hard, you know? And we shouldn't, like, be so hard on people who are just, you know, trying to live and be like, individuals and stuff. I mean, math is hard and we're never going to have to know how many months are in the year, and like, people can't be expected to like, do math when prom is coming up and Kelly is totally going with Zach even though Zach and A.C. are fighting and Lisa doesn't have shoes to match her pedicure. You know?

I got your back, dude. XD

Jo said...

Dude. Seasons are totally hard. I mean, there are four, FOUR, to know.

And Studio 60... long live Chandler Bing!

Meredith said...

I should get Jennifer in on this . . . she fears for the future as well (RE: kids)

didn't you JUST get into HEROES? let them work it out, seeing as it's only Season 1 (just sayin'). Studio60 is fantabulous! well, except for maybe last week. I think the Christmas Episode and can't tell a joke are my faves so far . . . oh, and Grey's Anatomy is killer right now!

Hae said...

This is precisely why I feel my calling is not in teaching. I have this bank of "are you ACTUALLY that stupid" looks that tend to sneak onto my face without me even beckoning to them. And I have never seen a full episode of Studio 60. Ooo. I have a feeling one of those looks is now creeping onto YOUR face . . .