Tuesday, April 24, 2007

very ouch, baby

thanks all for your concern. i find myself without words or back muscles (GOODBYE, MUSCLES!!!!!). i promise i have an early draft of this massive upcoming post, and i promise that i hope it will be up tonight.

in the meantime....OWWWWWWWWch.



Bree said...

What happened to your back muscles? Did you take a trip to Guatemala, get drugged one night on a rufied margarita, and wake up the next morning in a tub of ice with stitches where your back muscles used to be? And then, while walking back to your hotel, did you see a cute little chihuahua on the side of the road? Did you sneak it home in your luggage? Then when you took it to the vet to get vaccinated, you found out that it was actually not a chihuahua but in fact a sewer rat?

That happened to my friend's friends second cousins former roomate. Fo sho.

pat said...

you are a liar, ma'am.

Bree said...

Aw, you missed my SpaceBalls reference. I'm going to go cry now.

pat said...

i'm so very sorry.

i feel like scum.