Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I can't feel my legs!

(you ain't got no legs, lieutenant dan...)

monday night i ran 1.7 miles (MOSTly ran). now it's wednesday morning, and i almost fell flat on my face when i rolled out of bed this morning. at 5:45. am. in the morning.

for those of you who don't know, i'm not a morning person. 5:45am is, like, 2:15am for me. i hate it. totally.

well, kristen was in town last week, and it was pretty much the bomb. we went to the lake with dave and virginia. we went to keffy's graduationzzzzzzzzzzz...., we ate at Calverts (total bill for 10 people: $700. and it was worth it. i had a tenderloin topped with lobster, crab, shrimp and scallops. oh yeah.), we went to atlanta to see ben gibbard and dave bazan's solo tour (dave talked to me from the stage), and then my mom came to visit me on Sunday, and we all had more massive steaks at gwen's house for lunch. all in all, it was a grande time, and i gained eleven pounds.

hence. the running.


Meredith said...

yes, exercise is LOVELY isn't it? ;-)
I've been biking about 7 miles a day, and I haven't slept normally in weeks! anyway . . . surf 'n turf sounds like an understatement for that steak. yum . . . :-)

Kristen said...
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Kristen said...

(Dangit. We'll try this again.)

"Lieutenant Dan, ice craym! Ice craym!" (Sorry, I hear Lieutenant Dan, I think of that.)

And it was the bomb, fo sho. :-) (Side note: I didn't realize your steak had scallops on it! Lucky you, 'cause I would have stolen one... Mwahaha!)

Oh, and I re-watched The Duel today (because, you know, I fell asleep the last time) and it basically rocks. I've been trying to come up with awesome things to do in Phoenix, but you know who I think that's an issue for? Future Pat and Future Kristen. We'll let those guys deal with it.

Jo said...

I'm going to be in PHX next week!!! :)

Pat... running? You're amazing. Running is HARD.

MJ said...

PAT, if you go to phoenix before coming to HOUSTON, I will donkey kick you out of my life!