Tuesday, June 19, 2007

that's just the way it is. some things will never change.

bruce hornsby and the range. good stuff.

i honestly am just JONESING for change. i can't handle ruts. my friend angela always tells me that i'm constantly looking for the next big thing: the next car. the next job. the next whatever. and i finally took that to heart after the ten thousandth time she said it and started trying to learn to be content. (did you get all that?)

but seriously, nothing has changed with me lately. i mean, little stuff, but nothing huge, as in job and car. and location. i guess i'm okay with all that. but anytime i start thinking about colorado...or the pacific northwest...or being an actor...i start going crazy for change. i'm about to get hired on at work, and while my raise won't be that big, i'm already thinking about either buying a new car or a house. i can't help it. i need change. i CRAVE change. i'm continually rearranging my furniture (although i can't right now because my apartment is so small-that may be my problem), trying to lose weight, downloading new music (i just downloaded about 50 albums), changing my wallpaper on my computer...

seriously, any little change makes the crazy go away for about an hour, and then it starts all over again. that's why i constantly change the look of my blog. (i'm gonna get Will to fix that red and gray one so that it will be viewable on Firefox.) the only days at work that i really enjoy are the days when i make big changes to my building, or i get some new tools/computer crap, or they days they tell me about my new job.

so, what can i do to have little mini-changes until the next big change comes along? seriously, i think i'm gonna explode.


Kristen said...

Hmmm...what could you do for a mini-change? What could it be? Here's just a random, off the top of my head kind of idea - how about a temporary (or, you know, permanent. whatever.) change of location to the sweltering desert. Say, Thursday? Sound good? Ok.

syitdwh! (remember when we used to do that and you got stuck on the "fist tap turned into a thumbs up" one for days?)

Bree said...

If you had a mac, you could use the feature that changes your wallpaper every 15 minutes.
....what? I'm just sayin! haha

Maybe you could listen to Bowie's "Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes".
Or John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change". Eric Clapton's "Change the World"?
"My Sleep Pattern Changed" by The Early November?
Or my personal favorite (literally, my number one played song on iTunes), Bob Dylan's "Things Have Changed".

Have fun visiting the Southwest! :)

Dottie said...

read the blog. want to comment. don't know what to say.

Jo said...

Yeah... I don't really know what to say either. I mean, there are things I COULD say, but you probably wouldn't want to hear any of them. :) You could always come visit Philly if you're looking for a change from the South.

Meredith said...

want to swap lives until July 8th? I'm serious.

Orrin said...

hair style