Sunday, October 14, 2007

wow, that's wierd

my 'burn notice' picture changed below. odd.

ok, so, there is a reason i haven't been on here lately so here goes.

Saturday night/Sunday morning words:

empty: i'm sitting in a practically empty apartment right now. i'm moving about 6 miles from here, but since none of my stuff is set up over there, i'm staying back here tonight.

cancer: my dad's cancer came back. i don't know why i put this second, but i did. a couple of weeks ago, he got back from an appointment with the bad news. on october 29, he's going to have his tongue and most of this larynx removed, rendering him unable to speak or swallow. the doctor says this ups his time from 2-5 months to 2-5 years. i went to Oriental, NC last weekend so he and i could make sure that everything was settled. THAT sucked.

job: i've finally gotten hired on. i actually found out about this the same day that i found out about my dad. i started last monday and i got a big raise and nothing else really changed, since i had already been doing it for 11 months. the worse thing is that there are people in my department who are PISSED that i've been hired on and have unabashedly worked to make my new life a living hell. not that it didn't suck already.

chicago: wedding week is here. monday, i'm leaving for chicago for six days. me and drewball and brerin (brad+erin) are driving up and painting the town fuscia (red is so five years ago). that's gonna be fun. we are going to the espn zone, brad and erin are going to see Wicked, and me and k-flix are going to the Second City. i'm so excited!! plus, we are going to go look for the record store from High Fidelity, and we may look to see if we can get in to the Cubs gameOH WAIT THEY GOT SWEPT. stupid cubs.

loan: i tried to buy a car the other day, but the bank wouldn't give me a loan for 100% of the car. ANNND since i don't have any money to put down on the car, i can't get the car. STUPID BANK.

i hope everybody is doing better than i am. oh, and hahaLSUsuckit.


Bree said...

You're in my prayers.

*digital proxy text hug*

Dottie said...

Congrats on the raise and the new living arrangments!
I'm sure your dad appreciates all the support you have given him over the last year. I'm sorry you and your family have to go through all this.
Travel safely and have a fun time in Chicago!

christie said...

hey friend, im sorry things are not looking so good. hang in there. I really don't know what to say about all that, but know I'm thinking about you and lifting you up as you take care of your dad. I hope you can let your hair down in Chi-town. Have a prank on the married couple if you can, that's always fun.

Jo said...

So sorry about your Dad, Pat. That's tough. Let me know if I can do anything. Long distance hug in the form of brownies maybe? :)

Chicago!!! SO JEALOUS. I love Chicago. Go to Harry Caray's to eat.
Oh yeah. I strongly encourage reservations... you can do it online. Um... make reservations online, that is.

Isn't kind of fun knowing you pissed your coworkers off by being hired on? No. Oh, well, then sorry about that, too. :)

Sara said...

Be strong, chum.