Wednesday, December 5, 2007

tales from the night shift


so it's wednesday at 10 til six in the evening, and i've already almost worked 40 hours. i won't get off until 10:30 tonight (twss), and tomorrow i'm working from SEVEN (SEVEN! SEVEN! SEVEN! (seven!)) in the morning until probably after MIDNIGHT.

so lunch is on me friday, if you happen to be in augusta at that time.

i'm so tired i don't even know which way is up, and the stem on the cherry on the whipped cream on top of the ice cream sundae that IS my job, is that i'm working on a totally separate project this week, and all my regular work is just piling up on my desk.

so, you know...OH MY GOD.

on a side note, last night during dinner i finished an incredible book. it's called 'blue like jazz' by don miller. a fair warning, the subtitle of this book is, 'nonreligious thoughts on christian spirituality.' miller is a christian, but like a lot of us, he's gotten to the point where most organized religion is more of a hinderance than a help. the whole book is just his thoughts on his faith and how to be relevant in a world that is shunning christianity. the chapter on the reverse confessional alone is worth reading the book. i'll be honest, this is the first ever NONfictional book i've read to the end. i'm serious. i know that's probably lame, but there it is. i think anyone in the world can pick up this book and appreciate the honesty and candor of his meanderings. and it's so laid back and simple, it will take no time at all to read.

ok, i'm gonna get back to work. it's not gonna do itself!



Dottie said...

1. I am completely overwhelmed with the amount of blogging you have done this week as compared to the last . . . oh. . . three months or so. Good stuff.
2. You had to fire somebody. That has to suck. I'm sorry.
3. Congrats on the big paycheck coming your way! I am more than a little jealous.
5. Blue Like Jazz is a good book.
6. You should invest in a few more non-fiction books throughout the course of your lifetime. Some of them are actually worth it.
7. As always, I miss you and hope that all is well (aside from being sleep deprived because you are working rediculous hours).

Bree said...

That book DOES sound interesting, thanks for sharing! Your emphasis on NONfictional made me think of this overheard in New York post...haha!

I'll add it to my list of non-casebooks to read! O_o

My name is Dianna said...

so i am in town all the time....where are we going? the baby likes chips and salsa.
ha ha!

Meredith said...

now you should read Searching For God Knows What.