Thursday, July 17, 2008


GOSH. you guys are lazy comment-ers. i've been waiting for five comments forever. thanks dottie.

lots and lots to catch up on, but, as my last post stated, i've been working my ass off. that hasn't changed. plus i don't have the interweb at home, so posting has been a low priority. but there is a silver lining at work, a ripple starting to take place on the horizon. soon, i will be the quick-witted prodigal poster you all know and love, back from the city with no money and begging for forgiveness for not indulging you with my wierdness.

haha. i make myself laugh. oh, but ok. now it's over.



Dottie said...

5 comments! That was it?!

There are words, but I can't find the right ones.

Jo said...

If I had only known... I wanted to comment, but didn't want to bug you. Next time I'll just post five comments. :)

Welcome back!

jamie said...

if you work your ass off, what will you sit on? you'll have to get butt implants, which are expensive and painful. save yourself the money, time and pain but holding on to your ass as long as you can.

My name is Dianna said...

next time you have rules, let us in on them...:)