Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Incantations and Exaltations

when i was in symphonic band in high school, one year we played two songs called 'incantations' and 'exaltations.' they were really awesome. i wish i knew how to find them and listen to them, because i haven't heard them since then, and they were really good.

the last month has been pretty eventful. on march 31st, i got laid off from my job at Organization Automobile (that's not the real name, but a clue as to what the name is). it was actually kind of funny, because i had been planning on leaving, and if they had let me go, they wouldn't have had to pay me severance. as it was, they DID pay me severance, and as a bonus, taxed the hell out of it so it wouldn't last NEARLY as long as it should have. not only that, but i can't file for unemployment until my severance agreement is over, which will be two mondays from yesterday. oh and my severance money is WAY already almost gone.

well, randomly, about two weeks after getting laid off, i got a call from my old job at workforce development in thomson. i worked there for three-and-a-half months from november '03 to february '04, before getting laid off due to budget cuts. they called me out of the blue and said "we don't know if you are working or not, but we've got some stimulus money and could use some help." so, as of april 16th, i've been working there. basically, i'm helping "at risk" yutes (youTHs) get job skills, get their GEDs, and get into the workforce. it's pretty crazy, and a 40 minute commute, and right now it's only temporary (90 days). after that, we'll see.

so, when i got laid off, i was thinking, "hey, this could be my opportunity to leave for chicago." it just so happened that, the week i was laid off, i had been fasting a lot of my distractions (tv, dvd's, music, facebook) in order to pray and figure out what i was doing. i thought my being laid off may have been a clear signal, but that wouldn't be the case. we found out the day i got laid off that my mom's melanoma had come back. that's why, when the call came for this new job, i decided to take the 90 days and figure out what's going on with her. currently, she's just had a biopsy on a second spot, which came back benign. so she will have an extraction of the melanoma spot on her back on may 29th. keep her in your prayers.

i've still got my nose pointed at chicago, but i really don't know what's going to happen. it's been a long, very difficult month, but here we are.



Jo said...

Amidst all the crap, great news about your mom, Pat! I'm glad it's so worries for now. :)

Maybe God wants you closer to home *coughchapelhill*. :)

Love you. Call anytime you need to/want to chat.

wv- hacko: Nickname for that guy at work who smokes too much.

Jo said...

no... not so. Hmmm... I should maybe start proof reading my comments.

Kristen said...

I love that the OA name stuck. It always makes me think of that part on HIMYM where they use big words so Gael won't know what they're talking about. "This is all gonna return to masticate you in the gluteals."

Yutes. Nice. Thanks for letting me borrow that movie for a year and a half that one time.