Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What happens in Vegas

is pretty boring if you're not a heavy drinker and don't like porn and stuff.

You may remember me talking about the brothers that I reconnected with when my dad passed. Well, my brothers Robert and Jeff (42 and 44, respectively) both graduated from Oregon State, and therefore invited me to come with them to Vegas with them and my nephew Mitch to go to the Oregon State/UNLV game. I flew out there on Wednesday night (I watched I Love You Man on the flight out there. HILARIOUS.) We walked ALL over the strip on Thursday and Friday (I took a BUNCH of pictures.) We met up with a few of Robert's friends, ate a bunch of expensive food, and I spent a little bit of money at the Blackjack table. That game doesn't seem to be the same as when I was 10.

All in all, the city was really cool, but mostly really sad. There was porn everywhere, which bothered me more than a little bit. Not just for the obvious, but just because the people seemed so sad and hopeless. People LINED the streets handing out these pamphlets for hookers, and they literally littered the streets. The buildings were so big and beautiful, but they made me think of the white-washed tombs.

But, I still had a lot of fun, I didn't really drink that much, and I stayed at the Hilton for free. The only downside to the Hilton was that there was a 15-story picture of Barry Manilow on the outside of it. Don't believe me?

A grand time to be sure. Oh, and and I watched Star Trek on the flight home. That's five. Awesome


Angela said...

BTW. your other blog doesn't like me and won't let me post anything unless I give google my soul. sorry i'm just not prepared to do that.

this is what I would have posted on your other most resent post:
"we call that 'the place that should not be named.'
so, GREAT! Thanks! You said it. Now I HAVE to have it. And it's a whole town away!"

patrick said...

I fixed it. You can comment on Killfatty now.