Thursday, November 3, 2005

More Top 5 fun

Here's a new top 5 for you:

Top 5 things you are actually going to try to accomplish before you are dead.
1. Write a novel
2. Make an album
3. Write a comic book
4. Travel the european countryside
5. Assassinate someone

I was gonna do a question about the five most annoying things in the world and all of my answers were gonna be "my roommate's girlfriend."

Have fun! Talk to you later.


Bri said...

assasinate someone, patrick? easy tiger.

Rodger said...

1. Read Pat's book
2. Help Pat make an album.
3. Make fun of Pat's comic book.
4. Travel the Spanish country side. (I can't talk to the rest of Europeans.)
5. Be assassinated by Pat.
In that exact order for obvious reasons.

Bree said...

1. Meet Dave Matthews
2. Go to Europe
3. Graduate from law school
4. Become proficient on the guitar
5. Publish in an academic journal

OMG, I'm reading that and thinking "wow, I'm such a nerd..." O_o

And yeah, the face was totally just for you. lol!

Will Sansbury said...

1. Plant a church.
2. Write a book.
3. Adopt a kid (or three).
4. Put together a photography show.
5. See my little girl fall in love with Jesus.

Whoa... I must be in a serious mood tonight.

pat said...