Tuesday, November 29, 2005


i'm so fat from thanksgiving that i can't even reach the keyboard. i had to get somebody else to type this.

i will be back on soon. no computers at the house right now. my slacker roommate still hasn't come back from thanksgiving. i KNOW.

btw, season 10 of friends...ZANG!


The Cavalier said...

Dude I really like this blog. It's really good. Keep it up!

Todd Lerner said...

Wow, this blog is SOOOOO good. I keep coming by every day. Just amazing.

jdw said...

Some people seem to think this is a good blog. They are vile shits. This is not a good blog. This is the best blog. This blog is better than fried ice cream with caramel sauce. This blog is better than a threesome with Aimee Mann and Debbie Harry, even back when Debbie Harry was hot (Aimee Mann is still hot). This blog is hot buttered awesome. My only complaint is that there's not more of it -- but that's an artistic decision, and I can't fault the choices of someone with a blog this awesome.

Will Sansbury said...

Pat, I have a gift for you that I'll probably forget to give you, so ask me for it. You really, really want it... it's goooooood. Like this blog.