Saturday, December 3, 2005

R.I.P. Pat-Mobile (1994-2005)

So yeah, some girl pulled out in front of me as she was trying to get into the mall. And now my car is gone. Destroyed. Pictures to come soon. It's sad. Today I had to go get all of my stuff out of my car and say goodbye to it, and I cried a little. I love my car. I miss my car. I was apologizing to it for not keeping it cleaner, and thanking it for saving my life. My car's life was cut short, and I will miss it dearly. :(

Um, so wednesday was the worst day ever. I woke up and my sinuses were KICKING. I couldn't breathe, and my stomach was cramping. I only slept for 4 hours the night before, and so I was already off to a bad start. Then, right at the end of the work day, I cut my right index finger to the cartilage. And so then I left work, picked up my comic books, FILLED UP MY GAS TANK, and then had a wreck. And so for the past three days I have driving around in a 15-passenger van that says "buckle up for Jesus." (see my march 4 blog for more on this van)

Thursday was great though. A bunch of friends and I decided to have Thanksgiving dinner, a week late. 11 people, 14 items of food. It was GRANDE. I love living in my house.

Word up to my girl, Jen. I am on the phone with her right now. We are talking about making my ex jealous, which is pretty funny. My nickname for Jen is "the Voice," or "la voce" in some other language, which I may have made up. Vox is her Italian name. I also just called her "O Beautiful One." I love to stroke Jen's ego every once in a while. She has, quite possibly, the best singing voice on the planet. I watch American Idol and think, "man, they suck compared to LA VOCE." I am, honestly, in love with her. She has always been the one. The love of my life. Actually, she is telling me what to type. But I do love her. And she is mean to her cat.

Also, there were three people who commented on my last post, whom I don't know, and who are kinda scary. Who are you people? Oh, and Will, sorry I didn't call you and tell you about my wreck.

Everyone please pray that they give me a good settlement for my car, because whatever they give me is what I have to spend on a new car. So, you know...

Tomorrow, Georgia is playing LSU for the SEC Championship, so, of course, go Dags.

PS...this is what this part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated.


Meredith said...

The Mall?????? She killed your car for the Mall? That's just tragic. So sorry dear. :(

Maybe they'll mix up the paperwork and think that it was a Jag! Then you could buy whatever you wanted. ;)

Will Sansbury said...

Dude. That truly stinks.

When you get your new car, I hereby promise to sponsor the bumper sticker of your choice.

And I need to get this gift to you. It'll cheer you up.


Bree said...

Oh hell, Pat! That sucks...I'm so sorry. I have to commend you on the sense of humor you've managed to keep about the whole thing. If something happened to my car I'd have to leave the country. XD

Good luck on the companies can be a bitch sometimes. Remember, squeaky wheel gets the grease! Or, in this case, a new car. ;)

Jeremy said...

You look cooler in your sky-blue rental car anyway.

Meredith said...

I have an extra Switchfoot sticker (if you want it) when you get your new ride.

pat said...

thanks for the gift! it's awesome! (will)

they gave me $2330! (bree)

shut it, tard. (jeremy)

thanks! you rocks! (meredith)