Monday, November 13, 2006

Conversation overheard this past saturday:

Auburn: *Cry*

My nephew turned 1 on Saturday. We had a party for him yesterday. Lilly Grace of course tried to open all the presents. It's kind of odd: my nephew has no idea who I am. When Lilly Grace turned 1, she knew me really well. I was able to go up a lot and see her. I've barely been able to see Mitchell, and he kinda shys away from me. Hopefully I can rectify that.

My dad starts chemo and radiation today. I'm really nervous for him. I am leaving Thursday after work to go up there and spend the weekend with him. We will see how that goes. I'm gonna be doing that for 7 straight weeks.

Lastly, that top 5 question was a HUGE success! I will do that more often.

Hey look! My keys!


Bree said...

All my best, kid. Make sure that you take care of yourself while you're taking care of your papa.

And the top five question was a GREAT idea!!! AGAIN! AGAIN! :)

Hae said...

Love what you're listening to. and thank you for making the keys comment so i didn't have to.

Kristen said...

Hey look! UY! 'Tis better to have had keys and lost them only to find them again five months later than to never have had keys at all.

I'm profound. I know.