Sunday, November 5, 2006

Top 5 time

Top 5 movies since 1970 that you would have on your resume as a filmmaker. Movies that you would say, yeah I made 5 movies, and THESE are them! You can pick any movie since 1970, any genre.

Bonus question: If there were one character since 1970 that you wish you had played (say, I wish I had played Maverick in Top Gun), and why?



My answers (in chronological order):
1. The Godfather (1970)
2. The Blues Brothers (1980)
3. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
4. Tombstone (1993)
5. Heat (1995)

Now, please note, none of these movies are in my all time, top 5 favorites list, but these are the movies that I wish I had made. I picked Last Crusade over Temple and Raiders because, although the first two were amazing movies, Last Crusade was a KILLER third movie, and Last Crusade made the most money, so there you go.

Oh, and my answer to the bonus question? I would have given anything to play Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday in Tombstone. To me, that was, hands down, the best role ever played in Hollywood (barely beating, in my honest opinion, Gregory Peck's Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird, Dustin Hoffman's Raymond Babbitt in Rainman, Morgan Freeman's Earl Redding in The Shawshank Redemption, and Steve Martin's Navin Johnson in The Jerk). There are roles that I think were funnier, roles that I think were grittier, roles that I think were more emotional. But Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday epitopmized all of these attributes and so much more. No role is more awesome, more quotable, and more sheerly badass, than the man who, while drunk, looked Ike Clanton in the eye and said "OOPS. Maybe poker's not your game. I know. Let's have a spelling contest." The man who, while drunk, looked Billy Clanton, after having been told he was so drunk he was probably seeing double, pulled out his second pistol and said "I have two guns, one for each of you." If you have never seen this movie, drop what you are doing and watch it now. It will change your life. know, occupy you for two hours.
Also, congratulations to my roommate, Sean. He asked his girlfriend, Keffy (Kathy) to marry him saturday night. Fortunately, she said yes. Way to go.


Kristen said...

1. The Princess Bride (1987)
because it is a genious movie based on a genious book.
2. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
because it is quite possibly the best movie of all time.
3. Toy Story (1995)
because it revolutionized 3D computer animation.
4. Ocean's Eleven (2001)
because it's smart, well paced, and is such a very "now" kind of movie.
5. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
because it's an amazing, seamless feat of direction, acting, cinematography, and computer animation.

Bonus question: (I don't care if you make fun of me) Kathleen Kelly in You've Got Mail. She's genuine, smart, quirky, and witty.

That is all.

Hae said...

This is my list for the moment. It changes every...5 minutes.

1. Lost in Translation.
It's totally its own - so subtle and well constructed.
2. The Motorcycle Diaries.
Mainly because I would like to have been along for the filming, traipsing across the entire continent of South America.
3. Clueless.
It's the mascot of a generation.
4. Fantasia.
That shit is messed up (or totally creative). But the soundtrack is nice, may I try a pink one?
5. Garden State.
Because it would be fun to spend a few months with the ZB. :)

Bonus question: Penny Lane from Almost Famous. Or Bridget know, fake brit and all.

christie said...

i am sorry if i am about to disappoint you....i have no list. I know, im a loser-but please tell sean and kathy congrats for me.

Hae said...

Ooo Ooo or someone in a musical. That would be fun.

pat said...

kristen - genius, genius

hae - fantasia is from 1940, crackhead

christie - i will do it

oh, and k? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Kristen said...

and sorry.

Will Sansbury said...

1. y tu mama tambien
2. In America
3. Koyannisqatsi
4. Punch drunk love
5. One hour photo

Hae said...

oops i didn't read the guidelines concerning the magical year of 1970. that changes everything.

Bree said...

1. Brick
Updated Film Noir? How can you go wrong?
2. Sin Notecias de Dios
Religion, philosophy, and Gael Garcia Bernal...what's not to love?
3. Drop Dead Gorgeous
Uhm...because it's BRILLIANT and I would like to hang out with Kirstin Dunst and pre-Ashton Brittany Murphy
4. The Three Amigos
They're not just famous, they're IN-famous.
5. Memento
Guy Pierce. Carrie Ann Moss. Crazy editing. Insane characters.

Bonus: Mirabelle from Shopgirl
LONG story.

Anonymous said...

What a fun top 5 movies:

1.Top Gun
2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
3. Love Actually
4. Sound of Music (OK, that was 1965...)
5. Double Jeopardy

And for my *BONUS* I think I would have liked to play Mandy Moore in "Saved" because that is so me at times.

Anonymous said...

Raising Arizona
Good Fellas
The Godfather II
American Splendor

Anonymous said...

Oh, bonus...Marge Gunderson in Fargo.

Dottie said...

Three of my five were already taken in other peoples top five so I don't want to put them anymore. But I'll put the other two.
Plus three others that would have made it to the top ten.
1. Hotel Rwanda
2. Schindler's List
3. Life is Beautiful
4. Finding Neverland
5. Crazy in Alabama