Monday, December 11, 2006

monday monday

oh hell.

the bad thing about blogging is that, CONSTANTLY, you are thinking of things that you could write. "oh snap! that would be awesome to write about on my blog!" unfortunately, you are on an interstate in the middle of nowhere, with no computer within 200 miles to typity-type on. so, hooray for me, i'm gonna get a laptop! now, i can blog whilST riding down the road. or, you know, at the rest station.

i didn't go to my dad's this past weekend. i went for three weeks in a row, so my aunt went up this weekend, and i stayed here to work and catch up my bank account. but instead i went to hang out with my mom. and what did i do at my mom's you ask? the answer, ironically, is...i..ronical. i sat there all of saturday and watched tv while my mom was sick asleep on the couch. in other words, the same thing i've been doing at dad's. awesome.

SUpER awesome

i'm ready to be blogging about funny day-to-day stuff, instead of catching everyone up on what's been going on recently. a couple of days ago, i went back and read all of my blogs from 2005. man, i was a funny bastard back then. oh, and i saw when all of you guys started reading my blog. we used to converse a lot more. i'm ready to get back to that. you ready?



(somebody yell "stegosaurus!" so i won't feel like an idiot)


Bree said...


'Cause, you know, I can't yell out "stegosaurus". I have a reputation to maintain. O_o

Hae said...


Oh wait...different show...

Kristen said...


( have that season of Scrubs, right? Cause if not and you don't remember, then I'm probably looking a little, erm, less-than-intelligent right now.)

Speaking of which, you should get yourself a voice recorder like JD. That way you actually CAN record your thoughts as they happen. And it would be significantly less dangerous than blogging whilst driving.

Meredith said...

ooohh! doesn't your phone have a recorder built in?? the sound bites might be on the smallish side, but at least you'd be less likely to crash!

Meredith said...
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