Saturday, December 16, 2006

screw you, Seattle's Best!!!!

borders spent two months with a closed down cafe so that they could put in this new Seattle's Best Coffee shop, and it's expensive and it's not even really that much better, and they filled up my drink too much and it spilled all over my hand - REPEATEDLY - for five minutes. jerks.

and to top it all off, no pun intended, they have NOT joined the 22nd century yet. "SHUT! just shut up. i know, it's not the 22nd century, dwight. ok? i made that up." that would make a good scene for 'the office.' they (borders) are still charging - CHARGING - for wifi. I FREAKING KNOW!!!! but i've beat the system. i sit next to the window and pirate the signal from atlanta bread company. i am awesome.

i feel like i've said that before. the wireless thing, not the awesome thing.

there are some people at work, and seriously, i want to punch them THROUGH the esophagus. or, maybe some three stooges-type stuff. BONK. SLAP. WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP. and then STAB! in the leg or hand. or eeeeesophagus.

so anyways, i'm hoping everyone is doing well. i was supposed to go to my dad's this weekend, but i didn't. i went to my mom's last weekend, and it turns out that she had bronchitis, so i decided not to chance taking that to my dad. but, i did already have friday off. so i stayed off. i slept until ELEVENTY-TEN on friday morning. and i did precisely JACK on friday. today i cleaned my much dirty apartment. and that's about it.

coming up tomorrow: TOP 5 time!!!


Kristen said...

As I began reading your rant about the Borders wifi, I was thinking to myself "but you sit by the window and steal Atlanta Bread Company's wifi, so it doesn't really matter." ~sigh~ I miss the Borders days. And, you know, you and whatnot.

Also, not to be a ballbuster, but in order to punch your coworkers in the esophagus, you would have to go through either the trachea or the vertebral column. I would recommend the trachea. Easier on the fist...or foot, if you're going to go all roundhouse on their asses. Be sure to protect your own trachea during the melee. You wouldn't want a stray fist of fury to bruise your Patrick's apple. ("For the last time, it's not named for each individual man.")


Bree said...

Oh Em Gee, you have an Atlanta Bread Company?!? SO.INSANELY.JEALOUS.

Sara said...

I am so thrilled that Battlestar Galactica is on your list! I love it. I can't believe that I love it, but this is such a good story with such a powerful message throughout the story. Enjoy. I am now in the middle of season three. We are such television kindred spirits.