Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Bunk Bed Diaries

Letters from the Bottom Bunk

that's right. i put it on the internet. i sleep on a bunk bed. up yours.

mike janik is my buddy. he lived here in augusta, and then last year he took his wife and moved to houston, that asshat of a city that i hate. well, he's here at my house, because his wife is my roommate's sister, and they have been visiting for a couple of weeks (the parents live next door).

early ps - i've gotten a lot of notes and comments here and on myspace recently and i haven't responded yet. i love you all and i will be writing back to you soon. i've got to get some things straight first.

well, it's shaping up to be a banner year. i am going through one of those caterpillar-in-a-cocoon type of changes. financial, physical, plate is filling up fast and just thinking about it tonight has overwhelmed me. i've already started my budget, but i have to get better. i'm starting to dig, really dig, into the bible, and into actually pursuing God and not just kinda giving lip service. plus, pretty soon, i'm going to be leading worship on sunday mornings, and that scares the piss out of me. that is, if i don't move to chapel hill. and on top of all that, i'm about to lose 100 pounds. 105, to be exact. i know, i know. most people say they are going to lose weight at the beginning of the year. well, mine just happened to fall now. my gym membership starts next week, and my OT friend is making me up a super-strict diet.

my life, as i know it, will never be the same. scary. honestly i hope to look back years from now and say, "man, 2007 was the year my life changed." you know how i know it's going to happen? because i'm not hoping it's going to happen. i'm actively pursuing the things that will make it happen. i'm surrounding myself with the people who will help me change. i'm changing the way i see myself, and the way other people will soon see me. secretly though, i want to be happy again. i haven't really been happy for a long time, and it shows in all aspects of my life. it's time to let past hurts go. it's time to give up old habits. it's time to work on me for a bit.

what time is it on your end?

top 5 things i want to see changes in by june
1. my pants size
2. my songwriting skills
3. my checkbook balance
4. the spine on my new bible
5. the look on my face


Kristen said...

Right on, yo. You are pretty awesome - you know that, right?

Number 1 thing it's time for in Kristen's life:
It's time to stop being such a scaredy cat and get back to finding a church I like instead of settling for less because it's comfortable - and get involved in that church.

Lots of other things, too, but that's the big one.

Hugs, Bea.

Lauren said...

I still read your blog. Not as often as I'd like, but I do. Just so you know. :)

Great post. I hope 2007 is FABULOUS for you. I'm impressed with your goal-setting!

Hey, I'm heading to Israel in a few days for a 3-week trip visiting holy places! Should be awesome. Say prayers for safety, please. Thanks, my friend.

Jo said...

Awesome. I'd say more, but I'm thinking an email would be more appropriate.

Dottie said...

Hmm... change. By June I hope to see a few changes.
1. Change in address.
2. Change in fitness (for the better hopefully!)
3. Change in employment!!!!
4. Change in attitude.
5. Change in level of enjoyment of life.

By the way, I would be so freakin' stoked if you came to Chapel Hill.

Hae said...

Hey yo. Sorry I've been MIA on commenting. I wish you the best in your changes - if you'd like, I could sing you the Kelly Osborne/Ozzy Osborne song "Changes". But that would be weird. Really weird.

And to set the record straight - SO'S YOUR FACE.

love love