Tuesday, August 14, 2007

if you go to your family reunion to meet women...

you know you're a redneck.

a-haha. i love that joke. and no, i didn't go to my family reunion to meet women. would you like to know how hot it has been here the last two weeks? it was so hot that my mother skipped the reunion for the first time in, like, 25 years, because it was too hot. friday afternoon, when i was leaving augusta to head up to athens, i saw three different thermometers that said 117 degrees. it's GEORGIA.

ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN DEGREES!!!! (i hit the keys really hard when i was typing that).

i work in a shop. that shop doesn't get a breeze. that shop has no air conditioning. and on top of that, i work with idiots, so you KNOW that's making it even hotter. plus i'm overweight, and my heart beats too fast, so this is making for a miserable coupla weeks. but it has all led me to decide this:

i'm moving to seattle in a couple of years. yes i am. YESIAMYESIAMYESIAMokgoodbyecallmewhenyougetthis. (ah friends)

so, how hot is it where you are? (and if you say it's cold, and if you say it snidely, i will kill you)


My name is Dianna said...

uuuuummmmmmmmmmmm, yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh, PAT-no you're NOT (btw, i hit the keys super hard while typing that)

My name is Dianna said...


Will said...

Patrick, Patrick, Patrick. Do not believe the ultra-liberal, left-wing conspiracy theory hype about so-called "global warming." The earth has natural cycles of warming and cooling, as documented over the 5000 years of history I acknowledge based upon Biblical clues. Remember, only the devil turns glorified PowerPoint presentations into feature films!

Jo said...

Um... it's not 117 degrees here. I'll leave it at that.

Now if you're looking to escape that heat, your buddy Neil is turning 30 next week and well... you know... it'd be fun to hang out in MD. I'm pretty sure it's not 117 degrees there either.

Nice Friends reference by the way.

pat said...

dianna - you commented twice. awesome.

will - what?

jo - i almost forgot that was next week. when i find my phone, i will call the Hobbits and see if they are going.

Jo said...

The hobbits. :) He he. How I love you, Pat!

Courtney said...

It has been hot in Jersey and NYC...and very humid. However, I am happy to report that it has now cooled off, and we are sitting very contently in the 70s. Perfect.

Bree said...

hmmmmm it's 60 degrees as I type this, though to be fair, it has been raining all morning.

I've honestly forgotten how to deal with heat, mainly because it snows here 8 months out of the year. haha

Hae said...

Um, it's pretty hot here, too. Though I have to say, humidity is a bitch - so that one's all you.

SEATLLE! AWESOME. I've never been there, but massive amounts of fine music seem to trickle from there. It's on my list. Not like, my hit list or anything, but my list of places to visit. Riiiight.

peace out. oh that's right. i used the peace out.