Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oy vey

So, I was gonna blog from the plane, since I had free wifi and all, but with my battery almost gone, I missed my opportunity. However, as I lay in my bed here in Seattle at 1:32am PST, I feel the need to regale you with a story. Reader discretion is advised (use the scary voice from TV).

My flight was leaving Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport of Doom at 9:30pm EST. I parked my car at Kyle's house and he drove me the eight minutes to the airport. As he was about to drop me off, I realized I left my phone in my car. So we went back and got it. He lives close and I was early, so no problem. Crisis averted. I skipped check-in and ticketing, blew through security, and was in E-terminal an hour and 15 minutes early. T.G.I.Friday's for dinner? Yes please! My only problem there was that when I left, the hostess said "have a nice flight," I said "YOU TOO!" Thank you Brian Regan.

The flight was good. I watched some TV, played on facebook, listened to jazz, and read Apollyon. Jeff and Mitch picked me up at midnight and we drove about 40 minutes to Puyallup. Now, they showed me around and went to bed, but me being the good eater that I am, I had to go twosie. Without all the details (you're welcome), 30 minutes later I am wet, sweating, mortified, and well, let's face it, hungry (which was unrelated). As a clue, though, I will say that

a) my nephew either sleeps really hard or turns his phone off before bed.
b) after careful searching of my brother's rather large house, I know where the plunger is.
c) I know how well Scott paper towels soak up water.

Sigh. Good night.

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