Wednesday, March 9, 2005

hail mary! what's up?

bet you don't know where the title of this blog came from.

right now, i'm in one of those funks...the kind where they show you in a movie montage, lying around, smoking a cigarette, staring into space, sitting alone in a bar with the rest of the people moving around at warp speed, walking down a dirt road, pondering life, all while some slow, piano-laced, vocally heartbreaking indie-pop song plays on...

the thing is it looks great in a montage, but it feels like crap. my head hurts a lot.

so, i've started writing a book. a novel. i've been inspired by steve martin. i just finished reading his second novel, and i must say i'm drastically impressed with his innate sense of storytelling. i wonder how you do that. if my book is ever to be that good, i will have to redraft it about a thousand times. plus, my story needs work.

so, in this blog i'm starting two trends:
1) shorter blog (my first ones were way too long)
2) desert island, all time top-5. every week, here and on MySpace, i'm going to put up a top-5 question, and see what people's answers are. nobody reads this one yet, except will, so hopefully this will draw some people here. or just make me look like a dork.

And here goes:
Week 1
Top 5 countries you would be from if you were not from the U.S. (or whatever country you are from) and why? (Fake places like middle earth and narnia don't count)

Here are mine:
1. scotland/ireland-cool language, clothes, beer
2. switzerland-neutrality, chicks, mountains, skiing, knives
3. brazil-amazing land, beaches and mountains, excellent food
4. japan-martial arts, food, all the jobs
5. austrailia-surfing, land, boomerangs

I hope this catches on.

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Will Sansbury said...

Nothing you can say can take me away from my God.