Friday, March 4, 2005 1. I'll probably suck at this.

well this is my first. i know it will suck. i'm going to have to fake it.

wanna hear a jacked up story? i thought you'd never ask. so about a month ago, I was offered a better job than the one i currently had (delivering paint for a paint store). the new job was most good, too, because it's an environmental company and i would be saving the planet and junk.

so anyways, johnny newjob is like, "hey, come work for me." and i'm like, "alright." so, i put in my two weeks notice at the paint store, saying that my last day would be friday the 25th of february (yes i spelled february right, slackers) and not to cry for me because i was moving on to bigger and better things. lo and behold, friday the 25th comes and goes, monday the 28th comes and goes, etc, etc. now, keep in mind, kids, that this guy told me he would call me. he was like, "when's your last day?" and i was like, "friday the 25th."

and he was like, "ok i will let you know this weekend (the weekend BEFORE my last day)."

and i was like..."ok."

so he never calls. so i start filling out applications. and i'm like, filling them out EVERYWHERE. i applied for EIGHT (8) jobs at MCG. i'm applying at cell phone stores, banks, "organization automobile", strip clubs (they said i didn't have the legs). finally yesterday i throw out my pride and call him. he's like, "oh hey man. i've got all of your applications and stuff right here. let me look over them and i'll call you back." that was 2 o'clock wednesday. nothing.

so i've filled out about 25 applications, i've got friends hunting all over the place. and i just got a $197 phone bill because those bastards at cingular are facists (and i used up all my rollover new phone is the junk, for sure)! AND i'm only getting about half of the taxes back that i thought i was getting (but i'm getting back over $800 so really i have nothing to complain about). but i gotta get my hoopty fixed, so....

speaking of being neurotic, i got a sticker from my boy Jason Harwell tonight, but i couldn't put it in the back window of my car because it would throw off the symmetry of the stickers that are already on there. my roommate thinks i'm nuts.hmmm...

i just told my friend mike that his mom is so fat that she puts on her belt with a boomerang. he's crying.

the poison makes its way through my body slowly
into the pleasure centers of my brain
if you were here i would admit that i'm an asshole
but now it's over and i can't stay sober
though it isn't like i've tried

on the front porch or on an airplane on vacation
or out for dinner in a nearby town
i was so proud just to have you sitting with me
but now it's over and i can't stay sober
pour and swallow follow one drink with another
i'll keep on til you agree to come back over
or until there are x's on my eyes

my old man always swore that hell would have no flame
just a front row seat to watch you true love pack her things and drive away
-"the poison" by pedro the lion

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