Friday, July 8, 2005


there was supposed to be an ending to yesterday's post. sorry. that sounded kinda dark and sad. it was SUPPOSED to say that i have been spending an ample amount of time by myself recently, both for good reasons and bad reasons. but that it was ok, because alone is not necessarily bad. and i've needed to get things done. it's just that sometimes the result of being alone is that you feel alone. and on those days, it sucks.

on another note...i feel verrrry popular because SIX people commented on my post from yesterday (well, five...thanks sara). and i don't know two of the others, but i'm excited anyway. i'm getting world-famous.

call your mothers and tell them you love them, people. now, back to work!


spinsterwitch said...

Well, now you can feel even more popular...that next blog button can be a fun way to discover new people.

Beck...yes, happy Beck makes a good album!

Sara said...

This blog world is so crazy. It makes people interested in the lives of others. I hope your blog stock keeps rising!