Thursday, July 7, 2005

Thursday words

There are words that sum up the past couple of days. Here they are.

1. Beck: This wierdo has a new album out called "Guero." This album is UN-believable! If you like good music, then you already like this album.

2. Weather Man: How do these morons get this title? For the last two weeks, every single day they've said it's going to rain before noon. But has it? No. Not a drop. Thanks a lot, Bob Smith.

3. Harry Potter: I've been reading all the books again to get ready for the new one to come out. That's right, I like Harry Potter.

4. Resume: I just redid my resume (thanks for your incredible help, Will!) because I just applied for a new job at Augusta State as an academic advisor.

5. Weed Eater: I got my weed eater from my mom's house and brought it down to Augusta. I spent two hours in the heat yesterday weed eating in my flip flops. It was awesome!!

6. Library: I've been checking out movies and books on tape from the library. All free. And I'm cancelling my Blockbuster Online membership. It was fun, but I don't make that much money and it's costing me a fortune. Well, not a fortune, but it always comes at a bad time.

7. Fear: I realized not too long ago that I've been living my whole life in fear. And I can't anymore. So I'm not. Hmmm.

8. Willy Wonka: Up In Arms, Old Hollywood!!! These people are spitting on your graves!! What is the point of making a new 'Chocolate Factory' when the old one was perfect?? I hope Gene Wilder beats the crap out of those people.

9. Mom: I love my mother to death. She is the best mother in the world. I give her a hard time, but she is perfect. She deserves more than the world has to give her.

10. Alone


Sara said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...I always blog on Midwestern Position. That was just an extra "blog birthday spectacular"!

by the way, i would totally play LITERATI with you...i will add you to my instant messenger for yahoo...what is your yahoo me at

Sara said...

Oh, one more thing...I would love to cancel my Blockbuster but my library is pretty lame in terms of movies.

What qualifications do you have to become an academic advisor? I am moving and looking for new jobs. I am in education on the elementary level, but I am interested in other things right now.

Bree said...

LOL! bloghopping, thanks for the mental image of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp locked in a battle to the death with Gene Wilder; totally killed me. Keep rocking the blogosphere! :)

Virginia said...

responses to a few of the words summing the past couple of days:
1. no comment (you know i don't know music stuff)

3. hooray!!! And just for your knowledge. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is NOT the best-selling children's hardback of all time. The Poky Little Puppy is...who's ever even heard of that? The people who came up with the Cranium questions somehow thought that was common knowledge

5. you're welcome to weed eat at my house any time! I'm mowing tomorrow after school. I've now had not one but two strangers come to my door asking if I needed someone to mow for me

7. this is a pretty serious statement. And very, very awesome.

10. This one is not so awesome. Let's hang out this weekend

Dottie said...

a few words on your words...

1. I haven't much listened to Beck before, maybe I should start

2. sheesh Bob Smith, get it right!

3. Woo Hoo! Can't wait for the new HP book!

4. Good for you, good luck with the job! No offense if you don't believe in luck, it's just a saying. But I know some are offended by the idea of "luck".

5. I've never owned a weed eater. I'm having a hard time seeing that as a particularly fun time. But hey, don't knock what you haven't tried.

6. Good idea!

7. Also a good idea. I think I live in a fear of what others think of me sometimes. I wish I could say that I would stop doing it, but I literally don't know how.

8. I am intrigued by this new attempt. I think Johnny Depp is a good actor (and not just because he is hot) and is capable of pulling the role off if anybody can. But when you're right you're right, the first one was perfection. They have their work cut out for them.

9. Mom's are great.

10. Why? By choice or victim of circumstance.