Wednesday, January 4, 2006

The funny thing about the new year is...

resolutions become a joke. Quickly.

I have about four new year's resolutions this year. I've never really taken new year's resolutions seriously before, until this year, but I'm trying to flip that new leaf over on it's butt, and it weighs about 300 pounds. So I already broke one of them twice, but I'm holding strong on the others. And it sucks. I've NEVER wanted a coke so bad in all my life.

So, happy new year to me. I just read that Pedro the Lion is more than likely finished. TW left the group to go support his family, and Dave is going solo under his own name. But the good thing is that he is playing in Columbia at the end of this month, so I'll probably check that out.

Mr. Patrick Steed, say hello to Gmail. After years of the same email address(es), (I have two), i'm dumping them both for a new Gmail account. The others have become overrun with junk, so I asked Will to invite me over to Gmail. So, Gmail it is. Wow, I feel great about this Gmail thing. It's as if Gmail is helping me with that 300 pound leaf. And no, I'm not name dropping. See?


Oops. Sorry.

Anyway, THIS is actually the fourth of my resolutions. Keeping up the Wardrobe Door. See you around.

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