Friday, January 27, 2006

Stupid Smallville!!

I swear, that show is so freaking dumb! I don't know why I watch it every week. It's poorly written, it doesn't follow the comic, and tom welling is a piss-poor actor. me and kristen and andrew were watching the 100th episode tonight, and i was actually quoting what they were about to say. It's just gets really lame sometimes. I could honestly write the show better., but, you know, it's still fun.

So, I totally went to my college loan website in december and january and made my payments, and they totally didn't receive my payments, so i'm 73 days and $588 dollars behind. Fortunately, i apparently still have the money in my checking account, so i'm good. But still, i called the people today, and every single one of the people i spoke to were from pakistan. or some damn place. i was so mad. AND and and i have to pay MORE taxes for my car because i bought it out of state. so, i think i've finally found out that i'm allergic to something. money. i am allergic to having money. and that's that.

other than that, great day. really.

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