Thursday, February 23, 2006

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it's been a few days, readers, and for that i apologize. there's been a bunch of stuff going on. this past saturday, we held a memorial service for my uncle. back home where my mom lives, my aunt lives a mile a way from her, and she has a lake down behind her house. uncle paul used to sit by the lake with his guitar and a little fire, and play and watch the water. it was rainy and bitter cold saturday, and we were outside. but we were under a tent, and a lot of people showed up so it was really nice. i played two of his songs, my brother read scripture, and my mom and my aunt read eulogies. my uncle milsey also had a eulogy, but he couldn't be there, so somebody else read it for him.

it took me a while to notice, but there was a huge elephant under that tent. nobody wanted to, or could, say the things that could have been said about him. you know, you just don't want to say those things at a memorial service or funeral. but i looked around a couple of times and saw a few people that looked like they want to jump up and say, "hey! he was a jerk! he did a lot of stupid crap and took advantage of me! i hated him!" i hope nobody feels that way at my funeral.

by the way, new albums by headphones, p.o.d., project 86, and jack johnson. check 'em all out.

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Sara said...

Although some of the songs on the new Jack Johnson are very, very kid friendly...I still love it. I think it is great.

Elephants...They exist but it sounds like you handle things well.