Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My quarter-life crisis

I hate my life. That's my crisis.


HAHA...i just thought of the last episode of season 9/first episode of season 10 of friends where monica and mike are playing ping pong and he says, "oh i forgot to tell you. i'm awesome." that's good stuff.


dr. reed: "dr. kelso, i am not leaving here until i get an answer."

dr. kelso: "sweetheart, there are lots of people who feel this hospital would be a better place if we made some changes. take ted for instance."

ted: "i feel i would be more productive if my phone dialed out."

dr. kelso: "this hospital has always had a co-ed lockerroom. why, back when i was a resident, i remember blah blah blah nos-talgic story now get the hell out of my office!"

(ted turns to leave)

dr. kelso: "not you ted!"

(dr. reed turns to leave. ted stands. dr. kelso reads a file)

dr. kelso: "ted get the hell out my office!!"

ted: "ok"

listen to the band "headphones"

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