Thursday, October 26, 2006

my computer sucks, but here it is

So, lotta BS to catch up on, so I'll do this the awesome way. Wednesday words. Awesome.

(i just now, sitting right here, realized that i was supposed to go downtown tonight to watch rodger and dottie play. i'm an ass.)(ed. - this was supposed to be posted last night, wednesday)

and now, Wednesday Words:

1. paternal: my dad and i have had a weak relationship pretty much my entire life. i see him on average about once a year, and yet i tremble at what he thinks about me personally. i shouldn't be surprised. my entire life, i have been afraid of what people think of me, so why should he be any different. well, i put all of that on the line last night when i told him (via email) that i was going to be coming to chapel hill every weekend while he's in chemo, and that i knew he didn't want me to but it was something i wanted to do for him. his reply? he was grateful.

i know.

2. the office: i just watched seasons one and 2 of the office on dvd (thanks kristen. avlsyfty.) "this morning i found a bloody glove in my desk drawer and jim halpert tried to convince me i had committed murder. i think he may be the real murderer."

3. doberman: my roommate's girlfriend's dogs have been living with us. doberman pinscher and mini pinscher. sigh. SHUT UP RAT! (rat is the mini, destiny (i call her density) is the big one) our place stinks right now, and they won't shut up, but they are cute. COOL. THEY ARE COOL. NOT CUTE. COOL. I DID NOT SAY CUTE. (*drinks beer, hammers*)

4. intellistation: well, so at work, as of monday, i have a desk, a computer (ibm intellistation), and a phone line. and i have "organization automobile" email (OA is the place where i work, in code). i know all this sounds good, but basically i'm just doing the job and not getting paid for it. but it's coming (twss), they don't have the budget for it until january.

5. razr: %#%^*&@$%&&@$%&. whew. so i was so excited about my new black RAZR phone that i dropped it. no big deal right? one drop? well, the outside screen doesn't work anymore, it constantly runs and drains my battery in about 7 hours, and my charger only works about half the time. up yours, motorola!

6. budget: it's coming along well, except that it's kinda not right now because when i went to north carolina, i missed 3 days of work and spent a good deal of money, so i'm kinda iffy right now, but i'll be good in about two days.

7. diabetes: just found out my mom has it. good stuff. really

8. awesome

so, great week all around. it's kinda up and down right now (that's what she said), but i'm making it i guess.
"today jim halpert told me that there was an abandoned child in the ladies' room. when i went to rescue the child, i saw phyllis on the can. yeikes."


Hae said...

Hi. twhs. My relationships are lacking in the uh...shazam factor.

My sister is laughing uncontrollably right now.

Anonymous said...

soooooo . . . Switchfoot is playing The Roxy in Atlanta 11/14 . . . just in case you didn't know. :-)