Thursday, October 5, 2006

yeah. thanks.

actual conversation:

me: "...oh yeah, i haven't told you? yeah i just found out my dad has cancer. we're not really sure how serious it is yet..."

dude at work: "oh it's serious. my buddy's dad had cancer, and they gave him six months to a year. but after two months, HE EXPLODED (embellishment)."

chick at work: "oh yeah, my uncle had cancer, and he was given a year, but around five months into it ALL HIS LIMBS FELL OFF (another embellishment)."

me: "well, we are staying positive and praying for the best..."

dude: "man, cancer ain't no joke. i had a buddy who had cancer and HE CAUGHT ON FIRE AND SHOT IN TO SPACE before he even had a chance to settle his will (yet another embellishment)..."

*note - the words in CAPS are not actually what they said. i edited for comedic purposes. please continue laughing.
at this point in the conversation, i turned around and walked out. i was just trying to tell a friend about my dad, and they kept bringing up how their friends and family had all suffered and died because of cancer. as if i didn't know that cancer is scary. as if i didn't need any encouragement. i almost started crying, and i NEVER cry (another embellishment - actually i cry like a water faucet). it was really annoying. i'm not mad at him or anything, but i did have to walk out.

but on a positive note, it looks like i AM getting promoted and raised, so yee haw! i'll post more as i know more.

i'm outie 5000.


Dottie said...

people can be dumb f$@*s.

Congrats on the promotion!!!

Anonymous said...

The first thing that jumped to my head after reading this was a quote from Clueless (which I never quote from, but it seems fitting here for some reason):


As if you didn't know that cancer is scary, as if you didn't realize that everyone knows someone with cancer, as if you really needed to hear their stories at that particular moment. As freakin' if .

But your embellishments definitely made me giggle.

Anonymous said...

people can be such insensitive jerks. why can't they learn how to say "I'm sorry, that's terrible." AT LEAST. maybe you should go watch Office Space, as it has nothing to do with your dad, and is hillarious. :-)

congrats on the promotion! cha-CHING!

everything will work out.

Anonymous said...

I bet none of these people actually knows someone with cancer otherwise they would know how you needed support rather than negative thoughts. I know someone who had cancer and is now living cancer free!

Anonymous said...

I lost someone who was a second mother to me to a combination of complications from breast cancer and lyme disease. it was horrible. but I also know people who have beaten the cancer and are doing great. so yeah, it sucks. but everything WILL work out - have faith in that.

Bree said...

Too bad nobody said "I had cancer and IT TURNED ME INTO A NEWT!"

Monty Python references. They just never. get. old. ;)

You'll pull through this. Capitol on the promotion...that totally rocks. :D

Rodger said...

At least you'll be getting paid more for having to deal with such...lovely people. That always helps.