Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the ancient, ancient bastard

in B minor.

(i should write that song)

i was talking to dottie about gas prices, and realized (out loud) that i remember leaded gas. i'm the ancient, ancient bastard.

i've had to redo my budget, because at first i allowed for 45 hours a week at work, but i haven't had overtime in about two months, so that's out. and my bills have actually gone up a bit. but in rearranging it, i realized that was budgeting too much for some things, so it actually turned out that overall i'm budgeted for a little less. but, i also have less money coming in, so...not good. however it puts me in the mood for...

Top 5 Things That I Spend My Money On:
(none of this should be surprising)
1. Restaurant Food
2. Gas
3. Comic Books
4. DVD's/CD's
5. Iced Chai tea at Borders

YAYYY Capitalism!!


Thister said...

If I wasn't broke right now I would be budgeting my money towards good food. Instead my budget consists of:

1. Paying off credit card debt
2. Ramen

Yeah, that's it. It will probably be that way for the next two years too. I graduate only to remain in the college realm and a lifetime of debt.

Damn you and your free capitalism! I will be there one day! ONE DAY!

Meredith said...

real life = blech

my top five:
1 - bills
2 - food (take out, grocery, etc)
3 - art supplies
4 - books (how am I gonna ever read all of them?!!)
5 - spiced vanilla chai at Jittery Joe's (there's one in Watkinsville now - YAY!!!!)

Will said...

Sarah and I were watching TV the other night--can't remember what show--but there was a Wayne's World style flash back sequence all the way back to.... wait for it... 1997. The year I graduated high school.

So yeah. Ancient, ancient bastards all.

Jo said...

I have you all beat. My top three is just sad. All it does is underscore how ancient I actually am.
1- mortgage
2- household bills
3- groceries

So yeah... I'm ancient. In fact I turn 30 (THIRTY!!!!!!!) in a month and a half. I am ancient. But do I have to be a bastard? Can't I be the ancient, ancient lovely person or something like tht?

Dottie said...

There are the ancient. There are the bastards. But Pat is the ONLY ancient, ancient bastard.

Dottie said...

I do believe a song is in order.

Dottie said...

Happy birthday you ancient, ancient bastard!