Tuesday, March 13, 2007

updates and beatdowns

five points if you know where that title came from. rodger, jo, jamie, kristen: you don't get points, rodger, jo and jamie because i know you know and kristen because i said so. yeeeeah.

ok so...

1. my dad pretty much doesn't have cancer anymore, you guys. last wednesday i found out about the results of his scans. they can not see or detect any more in his throat or tongue. this, in medical terms, kicks major ass. pretty much, as long as he doesn't drink or smoke anymore (which he has no desire for), he'll prolly be ok. wurd.

2. i'm gonna see some shows, Y'ALL. april 12, nickel creek starts their farewell (for now) tour in savannah, ga. and me and dave and virginia and jeff, and prolly other people, are going. and then, the weekend of may 12thish, k-flix is coming to town (she SAYS it's for keffy's GRADUATIONnotwedding, but really it's) so that we can go to see Dave Bazan and Ben Gibbard's solo tour in atlanta (we already gots tickets), and andrew is going!, and maybe rodger and angela.

3. i feel like this is a confession. guys, i have been playing Settlers of Catan. now, i know what you are thinking, but NO this is not an rpg, so don't even start with me about how i'm a liar and whatnot. this is JUST a board game. you just try to get more cities and land and stuff than the other guys. it's like, monopoly for medieval times.

oh God, i'm a dork.

4. we got comcast dvr. it keeps breaking. i'm pissed. just thought i'd throw that out there.

5. i've got this general malaise. i quit the no-carb thing because it was making me sick, and went back to my old real diet which isn't really a diet, it's a lifestyle change. BUT, it hasn't started working yet, and it's frustrating. but i continue to slag through it, so...calories out, water in, and if you see me running for the bathroom, you know...move...

6. my brother and sister-in-law's house has black mold spores. yeah i know. since they moved in a little over a year ago, the kids have gotten sick quite a bit, and two weeks ago they found the mold. looks like it came from the dishwasher, and the insurance company is dragging it's feet. they are lawyering up...stay tuned for details.

7. watch out for people fishing for information. if a bank contacts you and asks you to update your information, contact the bank. give them the email address that the email came from, and for God's sake don't put your SSN on there. my friend's girlfriend just gave away all her information and it turned out to be a fisher. let's be smart out there people.

8. did i mention the concerts? yes. yes i did.

9. i was excited about this new show on FX, the Riches, because it has eddie izzard and minnie driver. so i watched the series premier last night, and it really bummed me out and was very dark and disturbing, so that's out.

10. if you get a chance (and you don't already have it), go on iTunes, or be normal and go to a record store, and find a song called "maps and legends" by R.E.M., on an older, 80's album called Fables of the Reconstruction. it is incredible, and i've listened to it about six times today already. do it. do it now.


Kristen said...

Does your roomie know he's getting married in May instead of October? More importantly, will our Best People pedestals be ready in time? ... Oh...oh wait...I see what you did there. You meant to say that I was coming into town for Keffy's GRADUATION but you accidentally put WEDDING instead. (laughs. points.) And as far as reasons go, it's pretty much 50/50 for keffygraduation/patconcert. Maybe 40/60. Ok ok, 20/80. Don't tell Keffy.

hdcl out.

pat said...

correction done and done. you didn't have to point. that's just mean.

i wrote this blog over the course of two whole days.

Jo said...

No points? No fair.
Okay, so....
1. That is about as kick ass as ass can be kicked. (That's a good tongue twister). Awesome, Pat.
2. Fun times. Heckle Dave for me.
3. We love Settlers of Catan... it's awesome. Oh wait... we're dorks. I think I just proved your point. CRAP!
4. Comcast = suckiness... you should have known. Don't be fooled by the pretty colors of the logo. They are evil.
5. Yeah... low carbing is just too sad. The ice cream misses us.
6. Ewwwwwwwwww
7. Thanks for the warning.
8. Yes, you did.
9. Bummer.
10. R.E.M. Nice.
11. Aren't be due for something about a lovey dovey dinner date?

Miss you, Pat!Come up and see us sometime.

Jo said...

we, not be... sigh. I haven't had my coffee yet.

pat said...

DANGIT! i keep forgetting. sorry. it's going to be anti-climatic by the time i write it.

Bree said...

SETTLERS OF CATAN...I used to play that all the time in the dorms. Wow, that takes me back.

And kick ass about your dad getting better. That's awesome. :)

Ditto to Jo about the lovey dovey dinner date. That was so casually throw out there to picque our interests and then just as casually thrown aside. Come on, STORYTIME!