Thursday, March 15, 2007

a little something interesting

i was perusing my iTunes playlists, when i discovered that there was an automatic playlist of the top 25 songs i have played on my player (side note: i type in all lower caps. it actually pains me to put numbers in because they feel too tall. what if there were LOWER CASE NUMBERS?!?)(side side note: the reason lower case letters are called 'lower case' letters is because back in the old days they kept the lower case letters on the lower shelf and the upper case letters on the upper shelf. true story.)(rabbit trail over and out.).

Here they are:
1. Burn That Broken Bed - Iron and Wine/Calexico (12 plays)
2. Maps and Legends - R.E.M. (10 plays)
3. Sleeping Lessons - The Shins (9 plays)
4. The Guitar Man - Cake (8)
5. Phantom Limb - The Shins (8)
6. Sea Legs - The Shins (8)
7. Carbon Monoxide - Cake (7)
8. Waiting - Cake (7)
9. White Shadows - Coldplay (7)
10. More Of It - Leigh Nash (7)
11. Australia - The Shins (7)
12. Emergency Exit - Beck (6)
13. No Phone - Cake (6) That is sad...that should be top 3.
14. Dime - Cake (6)
15. She'll Hang The Baskets - Cake (6)
16. and 17. Transcontinental and When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run - Pedro the Lion (6)
18. - 22. Nightswimming, It's the End of the World As We Know It, The Wrong Child, Turn You Inside Out, Shiny Happy People - R.E.M. (6)
23. and 24. Forever My Friend and Hannah - Ray LaMontagne (6)
25. Pam Berry - The Shins (6)

why is this interesting, you ask? i mean, the list is not even that random. well, first of all, I didn't read the whole list before I wrote this. and B) it shows that despite my obnoxious pride at having 5000 songs (ha! i originally wrote 1500 for some dumb reason), i listen to quite a few of the same ones over and over. now, in my defense, the most recent of those that i've listened to, besides 'maps and legends' (see previous post), is cake. most of this stuff i haven't listened to in a week. i've been making a lot of playlists, and i've also been playing that game where i list off the songs i'm listening to so that other people who are bored (read: kristen) can read it. for example, right now i am listening to all the blindside and switchfoot albums on shuffle. it's pretty gud.

ok well this was a huge waste of time. bye.

(late addition: the lovey-dovey dinner date. this is going to be REALLY disappointing, so be forewarned. i should have just posted it when it happened. at church, on balemtimes day (that's valentine's for all you non-kid-speakers), we had a big shindig where all the couples could come all decked out for a nice dinner and dancing and mirth. well, i was the dj. i wasn't supposed to be there because i am not married or engaged (prerequisites). i was goint to make a disc for them to just put on and let it play. well the disc i tried to make, wouldn't make (burn, not pee) (you have to be smart to get that one), so i had to sit there whilST all my married friends were laughing and giggling at how naughty they thought their jokes were (they were NOT) (naughty). on the other hand, my dj'ing was RAWRsome: ella fitzgerald, george benson, gene harris trio, dave brubeck, billie holiday, frank sinatra, plus sweet songs by coldplay, r.e.m., dave (matthews, not bazan), jackjohnson, elton, sarah mclachlan, stevie wonder, ben harper, nalalie cole (and nat), percy sledge, john mayer, ray lamontagne, the shins, and the temptations (which, ironically, do not tempt me). and the swing portion included benny goodman doing sing sing sing, plus zoot suit riot, my blue heaven, let's dance, jump jive and wail, in the mood, and it don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing. so all-in-all, the whole thing was really just about how i can make a really good night of music (i apologize. i had help.). and i only had to get about 20 songs off iTunes. most of them i already had. rock. out.)


Kristen said...

read: boing FWIP

Jo said...

That is not a lovey dovey dinner date. I'm suing for false advertising... and fraud.

And yuh-huh our jokes are naughty.

pat said...

oh i'm sure YOU and JAMIE's jokes are naughty, i mean, come ON. just not the peeps at church.