Monday, July 16, 2007

movie rating time

here is a list of the movies i've recently seen, and how i judge them.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - 8.5 (out of 10) This movie was fantastic! One of the best comic book movies. It was fun, and it hit on all the best points of what the F4 are all about. Norrin Radd was unbelievable. Great job.

Knocked Up: 9.0 - I laughed SO. HARD. I mean, I was dumbfounded by how funny this movie was. There were a lot LOT of "oh my God did I just see that?" moments, too. Even Igon was hilarious.

Live Free or Die Hard: 9.0 - The ONLY thing that was even remotely bad about this movie is the title. The title is stupid. It loses half-a-point for that. Great action, great characters, great cameos. All around pure awesome.

Transformers: 7.5 - I did like this movie a lot, but the critics are right. Too much Shia LaBeauauufff and not enough "AUTOBOTS, TRANSFORM!!!" Too many characters, like the "too cute to be a computer nerd" girl, and anthony anderson. But still, great movie.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: 8.5 - It was missing a lot from the book, but the book is over 900 pages. Daniel Radcliffe was the worst actor ever in the first two movies. It's obvious he's had some lessons, but he still sucks. All the other characters make up the movie, and Voldemort was just downright awesome. You'll have to see the fight at the end to believe it. (I saw this yesterday, and today i've read about 250 pages of book six, in preparation for Saturday.)

Catch and Release: 8.0 - Not a new release. This is a pretty great little movie. It's got Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith in it, and it was a good story, told very well. I recommend you get the DVD.

The Last Kiss: 8.5 - Anything with Zach Braff is probably gonna be good. The OC chick just annoyed the piss out of me, but I guess that's the point for any guy my age who doesn't think with his crotch. I actually thought that Tom Wilkinson and Blythe Danner were the show stealers. Great little flick.


the next couple of films i see will be the simpsons, bourne ultimatum, and rush hour three. i've got to get it out of my system because once school starts, it's over.

ps - how do you expect people to apply online if your online application doesn't work? just something to ponder, augusta tech.


Sara said...

I loved Harry Potter. I thought he was a better actor this round too. I loved Gary Oldman too.

pat said...

gary oldman rocks my face off.

seriously. no face.

christie said...

I feel inadequate to even comment on the movie listings...but ive seen some of these movies and will do my best:
1. when knocked up comes out on dvd, i will own it.
2. i really like transformers as well, the romance in there was LAME!!!
3. The catch and release soundtrack is good and I recommend it.