Thursday, July 12, 2007

i'm not as think as you dumb i am

ok so here are all the things that make me nervous about going back to school.

1. i am a really smart guy. i really am. i'm just more of a application/hands on/visual learner. i ain't much with th' book learnin'. i only did so-so in college, not because i couldn't, but because i didn't care. college is a bad time to begin maturing and finally finding friends. most of my brain matter was spent on that stuff. i'm hoping that this will not affect my ability to get in the radiography program. i really am smart, and now i'm dedicated, so i will do great...if i make it in.

2. finances will be a hinderance. i mean, i've got about 24 grand in loans right now. do i really want to put those on hold for two years, and add another two or three thousand? granted, if i graduate from the radiology program and become a nucular (tee hee) med tech, i will be able to pay that off in about an hour, but still...

i'm definitely gonna apply for some scholarships, see if i can get a free ride or something.

3. the timing stinks. i'm trying to get hired on at my job (yes, still). they may not like it if i tell them that, starting next june (provided i finish all of my core classes by then), i'm gonna be not working there anymore. oh well, too bad so sad. you guys should have taken better care of me.

so, possibly three years of school, with a well-paying, live-anywhere-i-want-job to show for it? TRANSFORMERS, LET'S ROLL OUT! (seriously, i'm a huge nerd for whom there is no hope.)


Kristen said...

1. You should talk to the admissions people as soon as you can. Go over your transcripts with them and talk with them about how excited you are about the program. They'll give you lots of tips to help out in any areas you may need it and it will definitely help your chances when it comes around to handing out those ("don't let the past remind us of what we are not now - ohwhoa whoaahh" Sorry. Crosby, Stills, & Nash are playing on my iTunes. That lyric was oddly fitting. Anyhow.) spots in the program.

2. Take your loans. Then multiply by two. Then add a good chunk more. Then you have my loans. And? Definitely worth it. Students loans aren't bad loans to have. They don't hurt your credit and the interest rates are usually fairly low. Plus, like you said, you'll be making a lot more once you're done. I wouldn't let the loan issue make you nervous.

3. If the OA peeps flat-out ask you "Patrick, are you going to go to school next year," then sure, tell them that's the plan. But until you know something fo' sho', there's (dododododo doot doot doodoot! Sorry. Crosby, Stills & Nash again.) no reason they need to know right now.

Just my two cents. Plus about a buck eighty-five.

pat said...

Yeah well i didn't go to the Jesus Christ School of Drawing Brains and Stuff School. I would hope that your loans are considerably more than mine.

Also, CSN is cool. CSNY, not as cool. Young sucks.

Sara said...

Movin' forward always a good thing. It sounds like you already have a realistic perspective on things. Patrick in the hiz-ouse.

My name is Dianna said...

hey pat,
have you fill out your fafsa yet? i am sure you'd qualify for grants...when i went back to school last year, I got a free ride. it'd be worth looking into.

Jo said...

Go Pat! I think this is a brilliant idea! Woo hoo. I mean, c'mon... any job with the word 'nucular' in the title has to be freakin awesome. Right?

pat said...

huh huh...NUCULAR.

Bree said...

1. Yep. The more non-trads I meet, the more I think it's better to be not-23 when you start grad-type schools. They all seem to have better perspective than us youngins, and also better grades...hmmm. O_o

2. My first year of law school (at in-state tuition, I might add) has already cost more than my first three years of undergrad. Summer school tuition for us was double what the grad students had to pay. BUT it's worth it. Your loans will be worth it, too. :)
3. If you do end up not working there anymore, seriously, their loss.

This sounds like an awesome, awesome, awesome plan. Good on ya.