Sunday, February 8, 2009

my number 2 worst fear realized

(and no, i don't mean my "poop" worst fear. haha. number 2.)

(i really am 30, y'all.)

so, in leaving town for two days this weekend, i missed two parties and a bunch of games and hanging out. i hate missing out on things. i hate it i hate it i hate it. i hate even FEELING like i'm missing out. so knowing ahead of time is 10 times worse. grrrgh!

(oh snap. apparently morgan freeman and kenny chesney are friends. don't reread that sentence. you read it right the first time.)

so this weekend, i went to my mom again. this time, my brother painted her bathroom while i hung shelves over the new washer and dryer. we are good sons, i know.

before i go, here's why the grammys suck:
1. they don't acknowledge that leroi moore passed away this year in the long tribute.
2. taylor swift/miley cyrus duet.
3. thinking that the jonas bros should be on stage with stevie wonder.
4. nominating kid rock for ANYTHING.
5. allowing green day or blink 182 on the stage.
6. giving album of the year and record of the year to allison krauss and robert plant. that crap SUCKED.

why the grammys should continue on forever:
1. b.b. king, john mayer, buddy guy, and keith urban (yes, i said it. no, i won't take it back) jamming onstage together.
2. dave grohl playing drums with sir paul.
3. a very pregnant m.i.a. doing her awesome song with kanye, lil wayne, t.i., and jay-z.
4. alan toussaint and a new orleans jazz band jamming with lil wayne and robin thicke.
5. leona lewis. purrr.

and probably the best thing i've seen in a long time:
6. RADIOHEAD doing '15 Steps' with the U of Southern Cal marching band. amazing!!

so, my taxes are done, my car is fixed. hopefully i'll sell my camper soon and find a job, and it will be time to fly the coop.


Kristen said...

Yeah, booo missing out on stuff. Sadface.

Excellent Grammy recap - I wish I'd seen the Radiohead thing.

And who wouldn't want to buy that camper, what with the fancy flier and everything? I mean really.

Thister said...

Hah! Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus! What on earth were they thinking!

I agree about Leona. Mmhmm!

patrick said...

k - that flyer IS totally boss...

w - i'm having trouble getting over the fact that she became famous by winning european idol. but still...

Bree said...

How dare you. Green Day is awesome.

The rest of it? I agree in theory, since I didn't see the awards show. :)

patrick said...

green day is the suck that suck sucks.

they would have disappeared years ago if their last album wasn't complete Bush-bashing.

Thister said...

Agreed. However, if it counts, she was the European Idol and Europe is pretty much the most amazing place I've ever lived/been, so she can be amazing in her own way because she is European.

How's that for a wonderfully flawed syllogism!

patrick said...

I googled syllogism.