Wednesday, February 18, 2009

one year later

last year, DC comics had an event called "one year later" where they had this huge event and then moved forward one year in the next issue without saying what had happened over the year. i wish i could just snap my fingers and it be one year later, maybe just to see where i am.

the thing that's been happening at work just continues to get worse. i'm down to three people, and i expect to lose one more before the week is over. this is just infuriating and it's taking my frustration to new levels.

so, it's been a year. one hellish year. i didn't even have a spare moment to think about it today, until i was at my bible study tonight. i'm too busy to take five minutes and remember my dad. oh well. i'm thinking about him right now, and it's actually making me feel better. nice.

cheers, Pop.

ps - everyone wish me luck at the gastroenterologist's office next week.


Jillferg said...

whats wrong with your gas?

Thister said...

GI? Oh no. I've been there before. Hopefully all is well.

By the way, if they give you the option to stay awake or sleep, choose the second one! You won't remember a thing!